What Magic Means to Me…

Many times, parents ask me, why and how i got into performing magic… Especially after knowing that i’m still studying and not in theatre studies like what some of the parents thought, but in Biological Sciences – something that they thought was miles away from ‘magic’. This would have been what they’d have expected (I think) of someone studying biological sciences:

*grin* but instead, they saw me!

I ‘got into learning magic’ through a book that i picked up in a bookstore… and have never looked back since. Magic has an exceptional place in my heart… and it means a lot to me.

Magic in its purest meaning is the expression of the moment of miracle, and the entertaining of people through that. For myself, in learning and performing magic, i manage to bring across the feeling of amazement and as Paul Harris so well put, magic is the art of astonishment.

Magic came almost, at a point for me, when i was lost. Through magic, i found myself and i met several persons who mean a lot to me. Through these people, Kinetic Gal found herself, and through her, I found MYSELF.

Through magic, i found the ability to amaze people; to bring smiles to my audiences.  Through my performance, i see the innocent laughter on the childrens’ face. Through my performance, i see the amazement and in the one split second of amazement, the belief that miracles can be possible. And while magic may be just that hour, or that moment for the audience, for me and to me… magic is a philosophy for life. No one has managed to put what i feel about magic better than J C:

… (magic) goes beyond just a moment but is the portal to an optimistic outlook on life, knowing that anything is possible. -J C Sum

This is what magic means to me… and that’s why i will strive to continue with my magic – to keep improving and never stop.


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