Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre!

Well, I’m posting this because in all purpose, this is quite the educational exhibition and it is of a personal interest of mine. Coming from a undergraduate in the Biological Science field, i guess it’s not much of a surprise! I’ve refrained from posting the poster of the exhibition here in case of anyone who’s queasy or uneasy with seeing these pictures.

Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life Exhibition is back in Singapore in a new location! Dates of exhibition from 23rd Oct to 6 March 10, so you have a long long time to arrange if you want to catch the exhibition.

This exhibition is NOT for the weak-hearted, not for the young kiddos, and definitely not for the easily-spooked. Though i do have the hunch that adventurous boys above the age of 7 would love the exhibition. Personally, i find the living way more scary, so i do not mind these exhibitions for i find them very informative.

I have actually gone for the exhibition the first time round when it came to Singapore, when it was held in SG Expo – that was some 6 years ago when i was 14 so my memory of it is a little blurry. But, i still recall being slightly disappointed to find out that donations of bodies from Singapore for plastination is not available… LOL! Perhaps this was one of the reason that prompted me to the field of study that i’m in right now. I recall being very very amazed and wow-ed by the human body. With my present knowledge of the human body, i’m even more curious as to what new gems of information i can find at the exhibition.

This time round the exhibition will include the following exhibits:

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius – an exhibit related to the beginning of life, featuring a collection of embryos and fetuses from two weeks old to near full term.

This exhibit was already included in the 2003 exhibition, and it was very heart breaking to see. I remember walking out of the exhibition with a heavy heart and i’d strongly recommend that pregnant ladies NOT go through this part of the exhibition. In fact, if i’m not wrong, the BODY WORLDS exhibition states the same warning.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Looks into the developing teen’s brain and the teen penchant for risk and originality that influences art, music, fashion and technology.

While not much can be told by purely looking at the brain, i think we can still understand something from it.

The Artists’ Gaze – Be awed at the display on sight and vision at birth and at other points later in life. Also, this display presents computer simulation of the vision of Impressionist painters whom suffer from eye diseases, Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

I didn’t know that Claude Monet suffered from eye disease! Sounds very interesting and i think it is again a new addition. Either that, or my memory isn’t quite up to par…

Fast Forward Fandango – Have you always wondered what would you look like when you’re old? Or perhaps, what you would look like, if you’re weighed down by obesity or bad habits (such as smoking). Developed by Perception Labs at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and with the aid of a camera and computer programs, this display allows you to (somehow) see into the future and predict your looks.

Oh yes. I’d love(??) to see Kinetic Gal (Kinetic AUNTIE??!!!) at 70 years old.

Centennial Village – Longevity. That’s something which almost all hopes for. This display features findings on geographic clusters around the world where the oldest living people live, from Okinawa in Japan to the Hunza region of Pakistan.

We all wanna grow to an old old age!


Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life Exhibition


Singapore Science Centre


23 October – 6 Mar 2010

How much?

Adults – S$20

Children (up to 16) – S$12

Official Website:

If your child/ teen is very interested in science; or wants to become a doctor, i’m pretty sure this exhibition will be quite an experience for him/her! I’m pretty sure i’ll be checking it out myself and letting you know what i think about it!


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