Astro Boy: Out in Theatres on 5th November

Yay! Astro Boy is going to hit the theatres in Singapore on the 5th of November! This is perfect timing for primary school kids who are wrapping up with the school year to enjoy a great movie with the family. 🙂

Astro Boy is a very popular manga series from Japan which was converted into an anime series in the 1960s to 1970s. The cartoon was a great hit, and in fact, MY teacher is a big fan of Astro Boy too… Never did i know how adults could gush a cartoon like how my teacher did! (My guess is he’s one of the happiest to hear that Astro-Boy is coming out in theatres!)

Woohoo – for parents who ARE already fans of Astro Boy, i guess there’s only good in watching this with your kids! What better than to share your favourite with your loved ones…

Here’s the trailer for you:

I’d definitely be trying to catch the show if i’ve time… Prepare for blast-off, 5th November! 😀


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