Halloween Night Out @ Science Centre (30th Oct)!

Being the science geek student that I am, it’s no surprise hence, that i’d recommend going to the Science Centre for some thrills this halloween! Afterall, halloween is two days away… time to let your hair down with the kids and have a good fright! 😛

Exams might still be in the progress, but why not let your child have some time out from the studies, and have some fun learning at Science Centre? Personally, I’ve always liked activities that are fun, entertaining and enriching. My mum told me that all my toys that she picked for me, when i was young, were all meant for me to learn something, or pick up some skills – though there were times of course when play was JUST play (like rolling in the mud… the good old days…).

There are ghostly night trails, trick or treat, stargazing, and many more activities on the 30th of Oct. In fact, Body Worlds exhibition is also on, so if your gals are as gung-ho as me, or if they really like science, this is one very cool place to be in for halloween. If you’re turning up in Science Centre for Halloween, come dressed up, cos there will be prizes for those in costumes!!

Details can be found on the poster above, or check out: http://www.science.edu.sg/ssc/index.jsp

Time to whip out your favourite costumes… Frankenstein, witches, wizards and devils!!

Frankenstein toddler…

Beautiful young witches (Sabrina style??)…

And one young devil, you just feel like pinching his cheeks!!

All cute, and none too scary!! 😛

Prepare for all the frights, thrills, scares and laugh! Halloween is day after tomorrow!!!


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