Parents Take Note!

This was once again brought to my attention by a friend who asked me about the person-involved.

I blogged about this a couple of months ago – about a magician who was arrested for sexual assault of a young boy who had trusted him as a mentor and as a friend. I’m very glad to see that justice has been served and that he has been sentenced to a jail term of 6 years for his actions.

Personally i still think this sentence is too light for someone who has now scarred a young boy for life. I hope the boy goes through some counseling and will be able to put all of this behind him.

I’m glad that parents are now a lot of cautious when hiring entertainers… many parents especially of girls point out to me that they feel more relieved that they can find a girl for an all-gals party. It is true that one cannot be more than careful when it comes to these kind of things!


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