A Christmas Header to Fit the Season!

You might have realized a slight change in my Singapore Birthday Party Entertainer Blog – it is near Christmas, and hence I’ve adjusted my header accordingly to fit the season! *grin*

When do you feel Christmas is near? When Starbucks start offering their Christmas flavor?? (“Toffee Nut = Christmas in a cup” –quoted from Mr J C Sum whom I so totally blame crazy craving of Toffee Nut on :P) When the Christmas lighting goes up on Orchard Road? When your children start their December holiday (and pestering you for Christmas presents? Or when you start preparing for the big bang to the end of the year with the BIG Christmas party?

Well, for me it’s a combination of quite some things… admittedly in Singapore, there’s no white Christmas. But the recent onset of heavy thunderstorm in Singapore seems almost very much like winter in Singapore. Combined with the Starbucks and the various places putting up their decorations, Christmas which is almost still one plus month away seems pretty near!

Christmas is quite a different meaning to me… I’m not a Christian, so the religious meaning of it doesn’t really come off on me. But, having taking Christmas as a reason for the family to come together to enjoy each other’s company, to buy presents for each other (and friends), you can so see why I look forward to Christmas each year. 🙂

Following this post, I’ll be writing about some movies and games for this season, specifically, so stay tuned…


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