A Healthy Body makes for a Healthy Mind!

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy… and Kinetic Gal a dull magician!”

I’ve had this in my mind for a week now, but Ning beat me to saying it!

Here’s some sharing on how Kinetic Gal tries to keep active. Like my title says, I do believe that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind, so i’ve always striven to maintain exercising and keeping an active lifestyle, despite the many things i do. Now being school holidays, it’s time for you to bring your children out for some games and have some good quality bonding time too!

Since young i have always had a very active lifestyle… and the weekly exercise days doubled up as family days. For as far back as i could remember, i’ve always done at least swimming, badminton, table tennis and squash once a week with my whole family. Even in my secondary school life, when i was in table tennis, i’d have training two times a week and still head for my regular mix of swimming, badminton  and squash on the weekends with the family. In fact, when my grandmother was still pretty strong, she would come along and just watch us play…

Well, ever since i have started performing, my weekends have been pretty much taken up by parties, but still, whenever i can, i would squeeze in time to play badminton, or basketball with my family!


One of my favorites – badminton! I used to play weekly, but now, i can only play it whenever i can!


In action!


Happy… and SWEATING after the game…

Personally, i feel it is very important for ANYONE to keep an active lifestyle. Besides maintaining in shape (a top priority for many girls 😛 ) an active lifestyle is part of a vital point of staying fit. Eating right and maintaining the right attitudes also contribute. But with the ever pressing matters that seem to rush us on, most of us tend to skip by the active lifestyle, and stay glued instead to the television… Hence, Kinetic Gal’s recommendation for this holiday, besides lots of movies and etc – some physical activities! Having your body in tip-top condition is THE pre-requisite to being able to focus on anything. Be it work, studies or exams!

So to keep active, why not start by having a few hours of the weekend planned out as ‘exercise/family’ time? It could be something as simple as cycling at East Coast Park, a game of basketball, or whatever physical activity that you and your children can enjoy together! You can start small… if you live at condominium apartment, swimming would be something very convenient for you. If not, how about a walk in the park every Friday night?

Why don’t you try it out? With some thought and surprises along the way, weekly physical activity day/ family day could be really fun too! Afterall, it is also great to be able to ingrain in your children healthy living with an active lifestyle, and have a good break from the other-wise monotonous and fairly sedentary studying activities!


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