Kinetic Gal @ Via Ferreta Singapore in Orchard Central!

Here’s a little add-on to the last post that i did on the healthy body and healthy mind! I did mention that weekly physical activities can be fun too. Here’s an interesting physical activity that you could consider if your kids are old enough. πŸ™‚ Via Ferreta! Kinetic Gal just had a taste of rock climbing @ Via Ferrata in Orchard Central and it was an awesome experience! What exactly is Via Ferrata?

Via Ferrata is a traditional European mountaineering activity and Italian for β€œIron Way”. It is a fixed-protection climbing path without the risks associated with unprotected scrambling and climbing.

More on Via Ferreta history on wikipedia here.

Via Ferreta Singapore is Asia’s Tallest Indoor Via Ferreta and is located at Orchard Central. The Concept: Magic Team, which i was also a part of, had a great bonding and acitivity day at Via Ferreta thus allowing me a great experience with via ferreta!

The team split into two to climb the wall (so we could understand the different difficulty levels from each other). I was tethered with J C and Ning, and together, we attempted the course on the right. From what we learnt from Mr Poh Yu Seung there are different courses on the wall and different teams could go up together. There was also the Via Ferreta part and the traditional rock wall part.

We had the chance to try both and it was really a great experience. πŸ˜€ Personally i felt that unlike the traditional rock climbing, Via Ferreta had a big element of teamwork and stuff to do which made it very fun – even though it was more challenging than the traditional wall!

I personally think that besides it being great for teams doing team building, friends trying out the cool stuff, it’d also be real great for families with slightly older kids who love physical activities! Afterall, you’re tethered to each other, and everyone have to work together to move up the wall. It’s a great way to bond as a family too, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

There’s a very comprehensive mini-lecture on safety and technical aspects of the climbing that all had to understand and then off we go on the wall. Looking very much like spiderman (woman), or at least a good imitation thereof…

Kinetic Gal half(??) way up the wall and looking wayyyy more relaxed then i actually was.

Kinetic Gal hanging on for dear life… πŸ˜›

(Well, actually i was really resting! There is one carabiner on the harness which after hooking on, allows you to sit back and relax – which you’d learn how important that is, by mid-way!)

My friends show you the RIGHT way to pose:

Mr J C Sum, ala THE ILLUSIONIST way…

‘Magic Babe’ Ning – the glamorous hands-free way… with fitting colours of helmet, top and shoes to boot. πŸ˜›

As i understood from Seung, we (J C, Ning and I) took the more difficult course… and after many grunts, pants, heaves, ‘whatnots noise of effort which you can imagine’ (for myself, the other members of the team were more glam) and much sweat, all members of the team finally made it to the top! Hooray!!

At the top of the world Via Ferreta Wall!

We learnt after reaching the top, that the height that we had scaled was almost equivalent to 8 storeys in HDB terms! WOW!

For parents with young kids wondering if this is suitable, i heard from Seung that they have had 7 year-olds climbed the traditional rock climbing wall before. And i usually do see young kids (primary school age) doing rock-climbing at another venue which i frequent too. The oldest person to have climbed the via ferreta wall to date, is a (i guess, funky!) 61 year old grandmother! When I grow as old, I’d want to be that active too! πŸ˜€ But honestly, just approach their counter and check it out with them if it is suitable for your family. These people are really passionate about what they do, and i’m sure they will provide you with the best advice!

You can also visit their website here: for more information! πŸ™‚


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