Catch Kinetic Gal on OKTO LIVE, 4th December!

Want to learn juggling? Well tune your TV in to OKTO channel, on the 4th December at 630pm and you just might learn how to juggle! That’s right… Singapore’s only female magic juggler is going to be appearing soon on OKTO!

Well, you might just have caught the trailer of yours truly while watching OKTO – the channel has a special focus on the kids and arts communities, and on User Generated Content (UGC). I’ll be appearing on OKTO’s oktoLIVE series 2, to teach everyone some juggling.. and of course, demonstrate the skill too!

It was pretty much a surprise when the producer for the program approached me and asked if i could do it. They thought it would be cool that Singapore’s only female magic juggler could teach some juggling on the show. And i thought so too! 😀 In fact, they told me they had originally intended for me to teach juggling + magic, but were worried that this being an invited guest segment, my appearing two times might not be appropriate. Oh wells!

The program starts from 630pm to 7pm on OKTO channel, and my part is somewhere nearer the ending of the program. I think they have some sms segment where you can send in sms-es to ask questions so do shoot if you have questions too! *grin* And of course, the host of the program, Wai Kit and Sharda will be learning how to juggle too… can they succeed? 😛

Well, we’ll know soon enough… See you on OKTOLIVE, 4 Dec, 630pm!


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