Behind the scenes of OKTO-LIVE!!!

My deepest, sincerest BIGGEST apologies about the delay in this entry! Kinetic Gal was caught with stomach upset (very bad stomach upset) following the huge bout of parties over the weekends, resulting in which Kinetic Gal even with her mighty magic powers could not get out of the bed at all!

Anyway, I’ve recovered finally (hurray to the advanced medical sciences) so here i am to post about the behind the scenes for the filming on Friday!

As you would have known, Kinetic Gal was on the OKTO-Live program on the OK-to-Learn Segment to teach everyone some juggling skills! Unfortunately the timing was really short so we had to squeeze a lot of stuff in there! We had a few rehearsals before we went into the live shoot. As it was live, the atmosphere was pretty tense! We had to keep to the timing while make sure that everything went well.

“Silence on the set!!” and the filming began!

First part where i did the colour changing rings!

Some interaction with the host where i teach them how to juggle!

Wai Kit and Sharda are really great to interact with and they are really a fun loving bunch of people! They are really quick learners too… Whereas most people would have trouble learning to release even the third ball, they had no trouble releasing AND catching three balls. BRAVO!

After this segment, they did a little challenge where they had me juggle eggs! Unbeknown to everyone, Wai Kit handed me a slightly cracked egg during the segment. That really had me sweating but, thankfully i managed to get it off! 🙂

Last part where i juggled blindfolded… they had me do balls instead of clubs as there was not enough time to introduce another set of juggling equipment!

Post filming, with Jovis, the student producer for the program.

Thanks to the fantastic (and fun-tastic!) OKTOLIVE team for bringing me on set for this segment! I had great fun learning and sharing with everyone juggling skills! OKTO rocks! *grin*


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