What Christmas Means to Kinetic Gal…

What does Christmas mean to you and your family? If you are Christians, this occasion holds a really special meaning to you. But even if you’re not, it can hold a special meaning for you too.

I’m not a Christian so the religious connotations are not really for me, but having celebrated Christmas every year, I must say it is special. On this occasion, everyone from my family takes time to come home (almost very much like a western Chinese New Year; except there are no red packets but presents instead).

On this day, my family would do potluck or buffet and we’d have games (very traditionally, Seven-up, Bingo, Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Pot). Everyone would win something at the end – though my mum didn’t say, all the gifts were really specific to the children. It was always on this day, we’d test our luck for the upcoming year… It’s pretty accurate actually, taking Bingo as the basis! 😀

At the same time, during Christmas season, we will normally do our bit for the charity too, by donating to Salvation Army and for me, doing some shows for the less privileged when i can.

Christmas to me… is for the family, and also to remember and value your friends and loved ones, while not forgetting the less fortunate in the society. It does not have to be commercial, but can come straight from the heart. That’s MY spirit of Christmas. What about you?

It’s 9 days left to Christmas!!! 🙂


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