Kinetic Gal on Okto-Live 2009!

Between waiting for the DVD version of the Okto-Live Episode to arrive and the rushing of many many other projects, this got a little delayed! Here’s the youtube clip of yours truly on Okto-Live, Dec 09.

It was really fun working with the Okto people. The hosts were really fun too. I had a swell time at the studio!

Besides all of that, i also did a show for Bank of Tokyo, Mitusbishi for their New Year Party Lunch. I think it is exceptional how polite and courteous the Japanese are! šŸ™‚ It was really fun doing it for them because everyone stops eating to watch your show and there’s no clanging of chopsticks, plates, etc while the show is going on. Of course, the kids were really fun to perform to. The little boy i had for a volunteer was really cute, he kept dancing on the dancefloor… So i joined in! =p

Anyway, i have a couple more of parties coming up. I’ve been taking it slightly easier for myself because of a lot of other responsibilities, but rest assured, more is coming up!

In fact, keep a look out for May 2010……. something exciting is coming up! *grin*


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