Happy Chinese New YEAR!!

Happy New Year everyone! Did you all get a good break? Chinese New Year is an extremely important festival so i took a really good break from work and had a long holiday break. 🙂

The last dinner of the year is the reunion dinner… Hot pot in hot Singapore, but still! Tadahhhhhhh… Last dinner of the last year! This is one of the most important dinner for a chinese because it is called REUNION dinner! Which means everyone in the family, no matter how far you’re stationed and where you are, you must get home for dinner. So it’s especially important for people who are not with the family the whole year.

My family like to keep it small and have it right in the middle of the living room. Kind of funny because we have a dining hall but oh well, cosy and nice. 🙂

And we could NOT leave out the Chinese New Year goodies…

Chocolates, sweets and everything!

The Chinese New Year break was a good whole week for me – and I definitely am much recharged and ready for the new year… Stay tuned, especially for May. Something big is coming up!



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