Stage Character – Thoughts of a Kids Entertainer

My on-stage character, Singapore’s only female magic juggler is called Kinetic Gal. It has never occurred to me, until recently that I’m actually pretty proud of the character.

Who exactly is Kinetic Gal?

What is her character?

What does she do and how does she interact with the kids?

Kinetic Gal really started off as Addy the Magic Juggler (please… do NOT remind me of the costume then).

Addy the Magic Juggler

I was at the time, the new kid on the block – doing magic and juggling in one show. With no idea in mind of the exact character, Addy was just a fun young gal (at times looking like a guy! =p ) who loves interacting with the children doing magic and juggling. But, as time went by and with a lot of help, Addy matured into Kinetic Gal.

Kinetic Gal with her closest friend and mentor...

Kinetic Gal is the smart savvy young gal who entertains the family with her skills in juggling and magic. She is quirky, crazy at times, and goes all mad around children. Yet at the same time, she is no-nonsense if she needs to deal with the rowdy ones disrupting the party. Kinetic Gal is a juggling magic super-hero like character to the younger kids and, for the older kids, she is the strong girl who is like a big sister who can do cool awesome stuff like magic and juggling.

Adeline Ng a.k.a. Kinetic Gal

Kinetic Gal is ME. Or at least a part of me that surfaces every single time during the party.

What is vital and important to me is that Kinetic Gal is original, it is part of me and NOT just plain old Ade dressed up as someone else in someone’s costume.

A kids entertainer must be a character that the kids like and love. There are different ways of achieving that on-stage character.

1) You could dress up as someone from a cartoon series – and that’s a character that the kids are familiar with. The downside of this is of course, dealing with copyright issues and looking and behaving as alike to the character as possible. The upside is of course that the characters are very established.

2) The other character will be the original character who will have to introduce himself/herself to the children at the party, interact and form that interesting relationship there and then. The tough part is of course, that this character is new to the children – and you have to develop the characteristics of the person slowly through a very long and sometimes daunting process. The upside is of course, with the establishment, you have an original character that is purely you.

3) Last but not least, the final way of achieving that character is simply by looking around, and copying what other established characters have and are doing. In this way, the character is ‘tried-and-tested’ and is hence guaranteed to be liked. The downside is of course, that the character is in no way original and is always second to the originator.

As a person who take pride in my work, the character must be ME and not a copy and paste (albeit in different colours) from someone else. It is tough work to develop a character and must be slowly refined over a long period of time, but this is with the knowing that the end result will be something that is good and ME.

The character of Kinetic Gal is still forming and will always be changing to improve. Simply because, if there is no improvement or changes, there can only be stagnation, and stagnation is purely another word for artistic death.

But right now, Kinetic Gal = Adeline Ng. She is me, the one and only female magic juggler in Singapore. The no-nonsense smart, savvy gal who evolves into a fun-loving and skilled magic big sister to the children in any birthday party.

Kinetic Gal

The one and only Kinetic Gal. 🙂


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