Kinetic Gal is BUSY BUSY BUSY – crew, show, and studies!

My apologies for ‘disappearing’ for quite a while…

I’m just back from Malaysia and will be heading out to Oman as part of the crew for J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s illusion show! For those who don’t know, Oman is in the Middle East and this is a big project, so i’m awesomely excited to be involved in it. šŸ˜€ Besides that, the place looks beautiful and i look forward to having the great awesome experience of working with great professionals from different parts of the world! This is going to be a great experience and learning opportunity.

Oman as seen from the air

It’s been a great busy ride, and will be so for quite a while still. Besides all of the ‘crazy work’, some of you might know that Kinetic Gal is still in University and is in the final year.

Well, for Biology students like myself, we have a final year project to do, and as well as for myself, one more module to fulfill. So, in this crazy week, after all of the shipping of equipment to Oman, I’m settling down for a short study week, before heading out to Oman for show, and returning ONE day before exams and project submission! Thereafter, I’ll be making two public appearances at Marine Parade for a certain bank, and hosting several birthday parties over the weekend…

Will Kinetic Gal look like that a week later? šŸ˜›

It is going to be a great great wk! Stay tuned for more updates! I’m definitely gonna post photos of the Oman work trip (i’m sure we’ll still squeeze some time to know the city!) when i can.

PS. Notice the new blog header change? *grin*

Till then, adios!


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