The ‘End’ of a Journey, the Beginning of another!

Most people know that while i’m a family entertainer, I’m also an undergraduate in NTU, School of Biological Sciences. I have finally completed this leg of the journey and am going on to become a graduate in a few months time. 🙂 Finally, having completed my poster day (which is a presentation of my final year project), it means this is it. Save for one result, i’m almost there to wearing my convocation gown!

Some photos with friends on poster day…

And my poster:

Results of my blood, sweat and tears...

In any case, academic is finally (almost) over! In fact, i kind of ended with a ‘splash’ at the Prom Night. 🙂

Me posing with valedictorian for Prom Night..

It’s been one heck of academic madness, but now, it’s on to performing madness!

75% of the tickets are already sold… have you bought your tickets yet? 😉


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