Magic Kit for Your Child?

Thinking of looking for a magic kit for your child because he/ she is really interested in magic? Well, i had a couple of parents ask me about this during the parties, and yes i have a perfect recommendation. 🙂

Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit by Criss Angel

Ultimate Magic Kit

If you find the magician on the box cover very familiar, it would be because his magic series ‘Mindfreak’ has been showing on Channel 5. 🙂 In fact this magic kit is one of the biggest magic kit i’ve seen and very comprehensive too! This magic kit has won an award for being the best magic kit and it really does look like an awesome one. If  i was still a kid, i know for sure i would LOVE to have this!

Ultimate Magic Kit Includes:

  • Over 500 Mindfreaks you can perform
  • Levitate Anywhere – Anytime!
  • Mindfreak Props
  • 3 Criss Angel Step-By-Step Instructional DVDs
  • 3 Different Decks of Criss Angel Official Playing Cards
  • Criss’s Secret Floating Device
  • Criss’s Secret Utility Device
  • Free Online Ultimate LoyalFreak Trial Membership at Criss Angel’s website
  • Mindfreak Bestselling Teach-A-Tricks, Criss’s Personal Practice Tips and Much, Much More!

Alternatively, if your kiddo is just interested and starting to request for things to try out, you can ‘test’ his/ her interest with something that requires less ‘ka-ching’ (ie. $$) but just as informative and fun!

Spellz Season One DVD

In fact, quite a while ago, i did a review on this set of DVDs and here’s my two cents on the series, reproduced for your benefit:

Review by Kinetic Gal:

Spellz is a series of short ‘serial’ targeted at teaching children magic. It is hosted by Jay Sankey and his fifteen year old co-host Bridget Halls. In Volume One, Jay teaches some very basic magic from stuff like Linking Paperclips to Haunted Key, Broken and Restored Toothpick.

Jay Sankey is known for being quite a funny guy and he continues being so in the series. The chemistry between him and his co-host is good, and I can see how the kids will like the both of them. The magic taught is not too difficult, and there seems to be systematic building up of the difficulty level. The series starts off with more self-working effects and effects that need more work are introduced slowly along the way.

Jay teaches 2 effects in every chapter of the series (around 12 chapters per series). In chapter is also split into sections that include: the magic effect and the teachings, ‘Magic History’, ‘Magic Tips’ from Jay, an effect that Jay performs (but doesn’t teach, usually more complex) as well as a ‘Worldly Magic’ segment.

The teachings of the effects are clear and simple – fairly straightforward, and I should think the children will have no problems following at all. After the teaching, there is a little segment where the co-host shows the effect again and I feel the kids will like that too. Little tips on magic (the usual) are given by Jay for the children watching the show so that they can perform better.

Personally, I really liked the ‘Magic History’ segment where little tidbits of different interesting bits of magic history are presented in a fun way. I feel that it is a great way to learn bits of magic history and know more famous and great magicians from the past. It is a personal opinion of mine, that all who know magic should learn at least a little about magic history and the greats and famous of magic, as well as origins of famous effects. This little segment starts off this very nicely.

‘Worldly Magic’ on the other hand, is kind of a misnomer since they don’t talk about magic all the time. In this little segment, they have some fun facts that could be also science and stuff like that. While that is so, I myself enjoyed the little bits of fun facts and stuff too.

Overall, this is definitely a DVD that the children will like, especially if he/she already had the interest in magic. Parents might find it fun to watch together and learn together too. Recommended for the little beginners in magic – who knows if the series might start off a David Copperfield or more!

These products can be found at Magic Boutique so check out the site if you’re interested!

Kinetic Gal will be reviewing about the Duncan Beginners Diabolo soon, so stay tuned for that!


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