Protect your child from Cervical Cancer!

‘Magic Babe’ Ning, my dearest closest friend, mentor, boss and sister recently took up the role of an ambassador for a campaign, Power Over Cervical Cancer otherwise known as POCC. The aim of the campaign is to try to bring knowledge about protection and early detection of cervical cancer to more people.

I thought it would be appropriate to share this on my blog, where I hope parents can and will read about this… To protect not just ourselves (for the mothers) but our daughters.

Just a quick and simple question.

Will you protect yourself and loved ones from cancer if you could?

My guess is ‘yes’ isn’t it? Do you know that vaccine for cervical cancer is available? If your daughter is 9 and above, she can receive a vaccination which can protect against 4 different viruses that can cause cervical cancer. While it is not 100%, risk of contracting the cancer is substantially reduced.

For myself, I took my vaccination 2 years ago when Ning first told me about it. I was once again reminded of how important this kind of knowledge could be upon hearing about the demise of a very young person.

Unfortunately, knowledge about this seems to be still quite lacking, so I sincerely do hope to be able to do my part here in spreading the word.

To know more, not just about the vaccine but also other measures you should take to protect yourself and your daughter against cervical cancer, check out POCC Mainpage.!/POCCSG

If you are a father/ brother/ uncle, spread the word to your wife/ daughter/ nieces or any ladies whom you care about.

Cancer is a very real health threat… Now that we have a chance to protect ourselves and loved ones against this horrible disease, let’s try to do just that! 🙂


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