Kinetic Gal’s New Video – Featuring ONE and ONLY Kids Illusion Show for Events!

I know this is kind of delayed, however, I’ve really been wayyyyyyyy rushed out and woombazzled (Kinetic Gal’s new vocabulary of being stretched crazy to max out) by parties! Kinetic Gal’s new video is out if you haven’t already seen it here:

I really really love the new video, which as you can see, is drastically different from the old one… It’s like how J C puts it, a coming of age video. I’m happy that my hard work these few years can be seen with the growth of Kinetic Gal and can be seen in the new video. 🙂

As in the video, my focus is now on kids illusion show which is something that has never been seen in Singapore. There are illusion shows, yes, but never for the kids. When my producer (J C) and i discussed about this, i fully agreed that there was a missing gap in terms of illusion shows for the kids and i took on the challenge of developing one under his production and direction. I’m glad i did, and so far it’s been working out. 🙂

With my graduation, Kinetic Gal is now a full-time performer and with the launch of the illusion show for kids, it means that I’ve had to cut down on my party packages due to the busy performing schedule. Hence, if you’d like to book a party package, do check with me early! Details of the party package can be found here:

Oh, and just for fun, some photos of parties that i’ve done the past few weeks. I usually run parties alone, but due to the crazy schedule, i have on occasions had to get my trusty side-kick Ashraf the Magic Boy to act as crew… 😛


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