Convocation Ceremony @ NTU :)

Kinetic Gal has formally graduated from school of Hogwarts @ NTU…. not. LOL!

That is me with my Bijou (my wand!) in my graduation attire – but not from Hogwarts… 😛 Personally, i thought i looked kind of goofy in that academic dress and especially that mortar board

4 years of blood, sweat and tears finally ended. After sitting through two painful mind-numbing hours of convocation, i finally got my certificate. My degree. In biological sciences.

And i did get my honours.

Four years ago, i started out in NTU, School of Biological Sciences. At that time i had no idea, but my life took a major turn after meeting Ning… Things followed, and i began my journey in performing magic (at the time, part-time) at about the same time in year 1. It was tough, balancing studies and work. At the same time i was helping out in Magic Boutique. Mighty Magic Factory came about, it became even tougher. If you were following my blog, you’d have seen my crazy life – one day i was crewing the show in Oman, the next, i was dealing with falling ill, exams and final year project, and the next, i had to run my three shows while being sick.

However tough though, I’ve never questioned my having to complete my studies – university to me, teaches more than just the knowledge but the know-how, and the other aspects of learning.

I would not have been able to do that though, if not for the many people in my life.

My family.

Mum & Dad – my greatest support.

My greatest inspiration, friends & mentors – J C and Ning.

My dearest friends, you know who you are (there’s too many of you to list!).

Thank you, thank you all.

Unfortunately i did not manage to take many pictures as i was rushing off for a course. Yes yes, learning is a lifelong thing, and i’m upgrading myself by going for a technical theatre course. More on that later! 🙂


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