To Jakarta & Back!

Some parents might have been unable to reach me the last few days – not because i did a magic trick and went missing, but because i flew off to Jakarta for work purposes! After hosting Kar Yi’s birthday party at Dahlia Park, Kinetic Gal morphed into Ade the show crew/ show manager and did a crazy mad rush down to the airport because the team was going to fly to Indonesia Jakarta for a show.

The trip to Jakarta was a great experience; very different from Oman, and another eye-opener. Oman’s show was a big scale live event show, while this, was a live-TV show. The show name was Duel Mahakarya Magician. Translated loosely, it means Duel of the Master Magicians (i apologize in advance for anything lost in translation – i do not speak Bahasa!). The scale of the show was BIG – even though i have been involved in crewing etc for several various TV shoots that J C and Ning had done, this was the first live show.

Personally, i’m very lucky that besides being a performer, I’m also a crew (backstage/ AVL) for J C and Ning. This gives me chances and  opportunities to see and learn many things, making me much more an all-rounder than the usual. While being on-job, i’m watching, observing, learning and absorbing as much as i possibly could.

The show was a great success, and the Indonesians were really very warm and friendly! Unfortunately the food there didn’t agree with me though so i ended the trip being down with traveller’s diarrhea. 😦 Oh well – i’m recovering now and all set for the shows this wkend! 🙂

Next week, i’m kicking off the week with my course in theatre AVL – it is going to be tiring, but i’m looking forward to it!


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