BUSY busy busy Gal!

The last two weeks have simply been crazy for me! In the short two weeks, i have now gone through two different course modules on performance sound and stage lighting that was conducted by Esplanade. As some may know, Kinetic Gal’s ‘pyscho twin’ is show manager cum crew for Singapore’s top illusionists J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. As they always say, UPGRADE is necessary. To make sure that i know what i’m doing better and to be good at what i do, i did what only the crazy do. Two course that is crammed full of information in two wks.

To say i ‘learnt a lot’ is kind of an understatement. My brain was literally overloading with information every night! But… perseverance pays off of course:

Hooray! 😀

Throughout the course, I learnt a lot of things i never knew about sound and light. (I thought i would never see pictures of atoms again since i graduated, but this course proved me wrong) The lecturers of both course are extremely passionate people who are great at what they do. Remember when you’re watching anything at Esplanade (or anywhere else actually), there are these group of people who ARE making what you watch feel like magic!

Ade with George (L) and Milton (R) from Esplanade

Ade with Robin from Esplanade

And now, because of the course, i will share some little known facts (or at least those that i didn’t know so i presume not many know) about Esplanade…

  • Did you know there’s a garden terrace on Esplanade?
  • Did you know Esplanade’s Concert Hall probably is one of the top 5 acoustic hall in the world?
  • Did you know the world’s second BIGGEST organ is in the Esplanade Concert Hall?
  • Did you know that the Esplanade Concert Hall is a ‘floating’ bubble resting on rubber pads with the exterior durian shell?
  • Did you know that you can see the F1 Race from the Esplanade Foyers? And lastly, i just cannot resist:
  • Did you know that the Esplanade has lots and lots of staircases even though it really doesn’t look that big from the outside?! (I believe we haven’t even walked half of the stairways!)

Right, so that was all fun and great awesome learning. Now i’m looking forward to sharing what i learnt (hopefully) with all the guys in office! I hope i don’t bore all of them to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..


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