Kinetic Gal Promo Photo 2010

It’s been a year since I’ve updated to the previous look.

During a previous brainstorm session with producers J C and Ning, we thought it was time to change a look. Going away from the ‘cartoon’ superhero and the more mature looking ‘cheerleader’ look for Kinetic Gal, there was a decision to go with something more of my ‘age’. (hey I’m young ok! :p) In any case, we thought a hip hop kind of look would be refreshing and quite fitting. Hence I went ahead, shopping crazed and put together my costume! 🙂

Since I was going for the hip hop look, I had to make sure the costume was authentic hip hop apparels (and shoes) which actually cost me a bomb! But after putting everything together, I thought it was worth it! While this is not the first costume and I have been involved in my previous ‘looks’ this is the first time that I went ahead to put everything together myself (with loads of advice from J C of course)

I recently just got the shot for this look and I love the new photo!

My website and name cards etc will be updated soon! Keep a lookout for that!


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