Never Stop Learning… Going Shoot’s Lecture!

Though i’ve been learning, performing and practicing magic for a few years, I’m still far from knowing everything there is to know. As people say, the sea of knowledge is vast and we should never stop learning. On last Friday, i attended a lecture by Shoot Ogawa. Shoot is a great Japanese magician who is very skilled in his craft and i was really happy to have a chance to attend his lecture. Prior to the lecture i also had the opportunity to see him perform at IBM (no, not the computer. International Brotherhood of Magicians).

One of the earliest magic i learnt was the Linking Rings routine, and Shoot is a great performer of the Ninja Rings routine! 🙂

Starting of the lecture!

I enjoyed myself at the lecture thoroughly! Up to a point in time in the lecture, i simply decided that i’d stop taking notes and instead enjoy the master’s performance in front us.  The lecture is mainly for close-up – and as i love close-up and want to work that too, i really learnt some things there.

Here’s one more pic of me during lecture, being Shoot’s volunteer:

The funniest thing in the picture that is the attention grabber must be my Care Bear keychain! 😛 One of a friend commented that no matter they can see me or not, if they see that Care Bear poking out of my pocket, it must be me!

One last side note: I really loved the lecture, except for the temperature! I was freezing so much so that when Shoot got me up to help him, i was shaking so much that he actually noticed and lent me his coat… It must be a gal thing, because i have to admit: i was thinking what a gentleman Shoot is and i pretty much forgot all about the magic. LOL!


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