I'm a kid!

Well, i’ve long passed the age of celebrating Children’s Day (boohoo!) but now i celebrate it in a different manner! This morning i performed at GlobalKids for everyone at the childcare centre! Some of them had seen me before since i performed for one of the children’s birthday just a few months back.. and they were really happy to see me again! It’s quite fun to see how the children have grown in such a short time space!

Anyway, Children’s Day in Singapore will be celebrated tomorrow.

BUT! Do you know that many different countries actually celebrate their Children’s Day on a different day?

Here’s a quick list of the different days in some countries!

AUSTRALIA – 4th Wednesday of October

CHINA – 4 April

JAPAN – 5 May

USA – Numerous different days declared by the Presidents… so ??? (I don’t know!)

AND… here’s the actual ‘official’ dates:

International Children’s Day – 1 June

Universal Children’s Day (Recommended by UN) – 20 Nov

China Children's Day

Carp shaped flags flown on Children's Day in Japan!

Oh well, whatever the dates are, it’s children’s day HERE in Singapore, tomorrow. So specially for the children here, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!

PS. A side trivia… today’s the 50th anniversary of the first run of The Flintstones! Yabadabadoo!


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