Kinetic Gal’s Recommendation: Metrocakes – Fabulous Custom Cake Shop in Singapore!

I have hosted many (MANY!) parties but when it came to looking for custom cake in Singapore, i was a bit lost myself! Luckily, i had some pointers and managed to find Metrocakes. We had them do a custom cake with five figurines of everyone in the office, The cake itself was a top hat (magicians – duh~) and there was a ring of ‘fire’ around the hat (birthday boy plays with fire in his show!). It was a beautiful cake and what really made us smile was how they really put a lot of effort into each figurines to make them as alike to us as possible. šŸ™‚

Check out their webpage here to see what kind of custom cakes they have done!

Some examples here too!


Star Wars

Pretty cool isn’t it? Metrocakes is on Facebook too, so if you’d like to look for them:!/pages/MetroCakes/130673363630140

Next time it’s Kinetic Gal’s birthday, I want a CUSTOM cake too!


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