Walking with Dinosaurs – A Review

I caught Walking with Dinosaurs on 1 December with J C & Ning and thought it was awesome!

The story telling of the show was good and the conclusion was fitting – i kept wondering how they would be able to wrap it out and it was admirably done. The lighting and sound for the whole show was simply superb. There must have been over a hundred lights on their rig and each one of them done to create the perfect atmosphere. The sound was super realistic (it sounded like each of the single roar came from the individual dinosaurs – later i realized it was really from the speakers but really superbly done for the directionality of it).

Of course, the show clincher and seller are the dinosaurs! The baby dinosaurs was super cute and the movement was really very realistic. T-Rex stole the show as the big bad dino and if you sat in the front row seats for the VIP you get a treat of T-Rex looking direct at you and roaring.

Overall i really enjoyed the show (though i didn’t get any merchandise after) and it was fascinating for me to thing about the behind the scenes for such a big and spectacular show. 🙂


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