More Pictures from M for Magic!

Here are just some more photos from filming for “M for Magic”!

If you attended the Urban Circus last year, you might have caught my illusion ‘Strawberry Shortcube” (muahaha, that’s a working illusion title, not the actual act name!), where i did an illusion with a giant rubik cube. 😀 This is actually part of my lead-up where i solve the Rubiks Cube instantly by magic. 🙂

Flashback: Urban Circus 2010! (Photo Credit: Daryl Seah)

The next photo is me doing a new routine that i now do for my close-up routine. It’s pretty cool and you can tell, it really does hits the crowd! 😀

Me: "Check this out!"

The next bunch of photos are of me with Bobby Tonelli 🙂

Quick discussion on female magicians in Singapore!

Me prepping to show off some fanciful dice stacking! I love dice stacking and picked it up as a hobby for fun, never knowing it’d one day be useful! 😀

Now time for some magic from my wallet….

The last time i complained that i forgot to take a photo with Bobby so i made it up when i saw him again when J C & Ning were filming the finale for M for Magic.

WOOHOO! :p I look like i took a picture with Superman didn’t i? 😀


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