3D TV Filming Crew Experience

I’ve probably been very slow in replying emails and such – i apologize… but i’ve been so tied up with crewing for 3D TV program which starts sometimes at 7am and ends late night! =.= It’s been really tiring but also an awesome awesome experience. From young, my parents especially my mum, has always instilled in me that one should always learn from any experience and make the most of everything. For me, hence, every single thing, every single experience is a learning experience.

From crewing for 3D TV Program, i’ve learnt a lot about the behind the scenes of tv production. While we’ve been involved in tv programs before, it is the first time we are so fully involved since J C and Ning are the hosts for the hour long episode.As with any productions, after realizing and learning about the crazy things going on behind scenes, i’ve now a much much greater appreciation of tv productions – good tv productions to be exact. šŸ™‚

Besides the huge learning experience, i’ve also made new friends! šŸ™‚ I guess the thing with productions – because we all go through so many things together in a relatively short space of time, friendship is much easily build up. Afterall, we’ve all braved the crazy sun, insane rain and etc etc together!

Lawrence and me going mad with the beautiful MBS background!
Some of the production crew ‘clowning’ (??!!) around during a shoot šŸ˜›
Wendy and me! We’re schoolmates from NJC! I’ve known Wendy since then but only really got to know each other during this shoot. šŸ™‚ It’s cool how life’s paths intersect! Wendy is also extremely passionate about what she does so we’re similar in that sense! Passionate about our work! šŸ˜€
J C & Ning with part of the production team. The other parts are either missing (not at this shoot/ packing) or taking photos (me and Mike!)

Now, just for the heck of it, some of my favourite photos that were taken during the shoot. There are more actually, but some ‘disappeared’ from my camera. =_=

In any case, here we go (in no particular order):

I laugh every single time i see this J C Sum expression!

“I keel you!” (in an “Achmed voice” :p)

And of course, to wrap it up, my absolute favourite photo with my two favourite people in the whole wide world (excluding my parents)!

Ning, J C and Me! šŸ™‚

How could i not love what i’m doing????

Loud proclamation from Kinetic Gal/ Adeline Ng:

“I LURVVVEE MY JOBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

PS. Yes the proper spelling should be: I Love my Job, but it doesn’t seem to express what i’m feeling enough so…





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