Media media for Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal!

It’s been great fun the last two weeks. Besides being real busy for the M for Magic show as well as birthday parties AND close-up AND show, i’ve also had some exposure in the media. I was on YES 933FM, The New Paper, SAFRA newsportal, Rediffusion and was interviewed by too! interview!

The New Paper article!

I’ve been listening to YES933FM for a loooooooong time, so i was really excited to be interviewed on YES933FM!

With DJ Kunhua in studio! (L-R: Kunhua, Samuel, Godwin, Alexander, MESELF!)

We had great fun at the interview!

Alex kept getting picked by Kunhua as the oldest guy!!! :p

Us goofing around before interview...

Thanks to Yunying for taking the photos for us!

YES933FM interview pictures from Samuel and Alexander. 🙂 Part of why i really enjoyed myself with the M for Magic project is actually getting to know these guys! I had an awesome time just talking magic with them .

I hope you’ve watched our episodes on M for Magic! Will be shortly posting up all the links to all the videos!


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