Little Tidbits about Chennai!

Since i’m heading to Chennai, i decided to find out more about the city! 🙂

Did you know that Chennai used to be called Madras or Madarasapatinam (whew! that’s a tongue twister!)? Chennai is the number 6 city in India with the most number of people! The number of people in the city as of 2011 is 4.68million! That’s almost the same as Singapore already! Singapore (as of 2011) has about 5million people. That’s why India is one the countries with the highest population – Chennai only ranks 6th and it’s only one of its many cities!

Chennai is the third most visited city in India after Delhi and Mumbai. I’ve actually stepped foot in Mumbai before – albeit only at the airport for a stopover! Some of my friends have told me that part of Chennai is along the beach and they have BEAUTIFUL beaches there!

Did you know too that Chennai has a snakepark within their National Park and it’s one of the major source of antivenom serum? Although i’m not too iffy about snakes, i’d prefer to visit a zoo (which they have too!) then a snakepark… :p

Can’t wait to be in Chennai! (Flying off tmr, at 920am!! Wheeeeee~)


PS. Chennai is two hours behind SG time, so i’m going to reach there at 11am in the morning although the flight time is almost 6 hours! How cool is that!


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