About The Site

This is a one-stop resource site for birthday parties – be it themed parties and such. Feel free to browse through and let us know if any of the resources turn out to be helpful for you!

Birthday Party Team


17 thoughts on “About The Site

  1. I want to enquire on your party package for my son’s 7th birthday on April 9. Please send me quotation for the ff:
    1. Magician
    2. Games
    3 Balloons
    4. Goodies and Invitations
    5. Face painting

    Thanks & Rgds,
    Mai Lusung

  2. Hi, I’m having a full moon party for my daughter and am intersted in your services. Can you tell me more about your services & charges? Via email please

  3. HI KInetic Gal
    I want to enquire on your party package for my mephew’s 6th birthday on June 20. Please send me quotation for the ff:

    Thanks & Rgds,

  4. Dear Kinetic Gal,
    I am interested to engage your service for my gal’s birthday party, on 21 Jun’09, sunday afternoon. However, there are more adults than kids. approx 10 kids only. would it be appropriate? pls also let me know your charges. thank you. email me please…

  5. Hi Kinetic Gal,
    I would love to have you entertain my at my son’s 4th birthday, 18th December, could you please contact me with your service information and recommendations, I would value your input.

    Many Thanks
    Joy McCook

  6. Hi Kinetic Gal,
    Good day.

    My 8 yrs old boy would love to have a magical birthday party (May).
    May I have a rough quote for consideration?

    Thanks and Best Regards

  7. Hi,

    Very impressed that you are still studying and doing so much more at the same time! All the very best and God Bless!
    Interested to know what your charges are for birthday parties. Its my sons birthday on 28th May and he is very interested in Magic:-) He’s turning 6 this year and wants to perform his own magic trick for his friends. Would love to give him a “magical” birthday so please do let me know if you are free for the 28th of may or 30th (if 28th does not work out for you).

  8. hi how much do u charge for ur services for a magician?n for how long?pls contact me through my email i am doing my daughter’s 1st birthday at a chalet so pls quote me thanks

  9. Hi, I saw ur performance today in NUS. It was amazing to see those tricks and the juggling.. We enjoyed it.
    In-fact I like the mind reading card game which u did to me.. Howwwww did u do that???I was super thrilled. I have seen these in TV but in real life for the first time..U rock girl..
    Hope u have a bright future…
    With love and prayers..

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