Media media for Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal!

It’s been great fun the last two weeks. Besides being real busy for the M for Magic show as well as birthday parties AND close-up AND show, i’ve also had some exposure in the media. I was on YES 933FM, The New Paper, SAFRA newsportal, Rediffusion and was interviewed by too! interview!

The New Paper article!

I’ve been listening to YES933FM for a loooooooong time, so i was really excited to be interviewed on YES933FM!

With DJ Kunhua in studio! (L-R: Kunhua, Samuel, Godwin, Alexander, MESELF!)

We had great fun at the interview!

Alex kept getting picked by Kunhua as the oldest guy!!! :p

Us goofing around before interview...

Thanks to Yunying for taking the photos for us!

YES933FM interview pictures from Samuel and Alexander. 🙂 Part of why i really enjoyed myself with the M for Magic project is actually getting to know these guys! I had an awesome time just talking magic with them .

I hope you’ve watched our episodes on M for Magic! Will be shortly posting up all the links to all the videos!


Adeline is on The New Paper today! :)

Do you read The New Paper? I was featured alongside with Matthew and J C today in The New Paper. 😀

It's a kind of MAGIC!

At 10pm tonight, I will be on-air on YES933FM together with a few of the other magicians, Alexander, Samuel and Godwin for interview for the upcoming M for Magic LIVE! show. 🙂 Tickets start from S$10 and we will be giving out tickets during then, so do tune in!

Kinetic Gal on OMY.SG


The interview is out on!

That was a fun interview and if you click to access the site, you can see some videos of me teaching some magic tricks that are fun and easy to learn! Check it out and have fun with the magic!

Behind the scenes of interview with OMY!

Kinetic Gal was interviewed by OMY just yesterday. The interview was done in our studio (early in the early early morning..) and it was great fun talking to the OMY reporter. They shot a little clip of me performing as well as some teaching of little magic tricks. 🙂

Here, let the picture do the talking instead!

Check this out!

Animated interview 😛

If you realise, i don’t seem to be wearing my costume… but i am, actually! *grin* This is an all new costume, hip-hop inspired… And after the interview, since i was all dressed up, i decided to do some fun random shoots of me in my new costume. Some did turn out not bad!

I had to show off my custom cap!

Yoyoyo! 😀

Contemplation… my favourite photo! 😛