October is a Happy Month!

In October, the office celebrated two people’s birthday and we sprung a surprise for them. πŸ™‚

Custom Cake!

We bought a big cake custom decorated with all five of us from Concept:Magic. =) You can’t see me here unfortunately as i’m off to the left hand side.

I guess it’s not difficult to guess which is me right?

So anyway, the cake was fabulous and i was glad the birthday boy and birthday girl liked it.

And now, i think you will be wondering… “I want a cake customized for my birthday too!” Yes yes yes i got you. Will blog about that in just a bit!

For now…..

Drool Away! πŸ˜›


Never Stop Learning… Going Shoot’s Lecture!

Though i’ve been learning, performing and practicing magic for a few years, I’m still far from knowing everything there is to know. As people say, the sea of knowledge is vast and we should never stop learning. On last Friday, i attended a lecture by Shoot Ogawa. Shoot is a great Japanese magician who is very skilled in his craft and i was really happy to have a chance to attend his lecture. Prior to the lecture i also had the opportunity to see him perform at IBM (no, not the computer. International Brotherhood of Magicians).

One of the earliest magic i learnt was the Linking Rings routine, and Shoot is a great performer of the Ninja Rings routine! πŸ™‚

Starting of the lecture!

I enjoyed myself at the lecture thoroughly! Up to a point in time in the lecture, i simply decided that i’d stop taking notes and instead enjoy the master’s performance in front us.Β  The lecture is mainly for close-up – and as i love close-up and want to work that too, i really learnt some things there.

Here’s one more pic of me during lecture, being Shoot’s volunteer:

The funniest thing in the picture that is the attention grabber must be my Care Bear keychain! πŸ˜› One of a friend commented that no matter they can see me or not, if they see that Care Bear poking out of my pocket, it must be me!

One last side note: I really loved the lecture, except for the temperature! I was freezing so much so that when Shoot got me up to help him, i was shaking so much that he actually noticed and lent me his coat… It must be a gal thing, because i have to admit: i was thinking what a gentleman Shoot is and i pretty much forgot all about the magic. LOL!

Kinetic Gal Promo Photo 2010

It’s been a year since I’ve updated to the previous look.

During a previous brainstorm session with producers J C and Ning, we thought it was time to change a look. Going away from the ‘cartoon’ superhero and the more mature looking ‘cheerleader’ look for Kinetic Gal, there was a decision to go with something more of my ‘age’. (hey I’m young ok! :p) In any case, we thought a hip hop kind of look would be refreshing and quite fitting. Hence I went ahead, shopping crazed and put together my costume! πŸ™‚

Since I was going for the hip hop look, I had to make sure the costume was authentic hip hop apparels (and shoes) which actually cost me a bomb! But after putting everything together, I thought it was worth it! While this is not the first costume and I have been involved in my previous ‘looks’ this is the first time that I went ahead to put everything together myself (with loads of advice from J C of course)

I recently just got the shot for this look and I love the new photo!

My website and name cards etc will be updated soon! Keep a lookout for that!

BUSY busy busyΒ Gal!

The last two weeks have simply been crazy for me! In the short two weeks, i have now gone through two different course modules on performance sound and stage lighting that was conducted by Esplanade. As some may know, Kinetic Gal’s ‘pyscho twin’ is show manager cum crew for Singapore’s top illusionists J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. As they always say, UPGRADE is necessary. To make sure that i know what i’m doing better and to be good at what i do, i did what only the crazy do. Two course that is crammed full of information in two wks.

To say i ‘learnt a lot’ is kind of an understatement. My brain was literally overloading with information every night! But… perseverance pays off of course:

Hooray! πŸ˜€

Throughout the course, I learnt a lot of things i never knew about sound and light. (I thought i would never see pictures of atoms again since i graduated, but this course proved me wrong) The lecturers of both course are extremely passionate people who are great at what they do. Remember when you’re watching anything at Esplanade (or anywhere else actually), there are these group of people who ARE making what you watch feel like magic!

Ade with George (L) and Milton (R) from Esplanade

Ade with Robin from Esplanade

And now, because of the course, i will share some little known facts (or at least those that i didn’t know so i presume not many know) about Esplanade…

  • Did you know there’s a garden terrace on Esplanade?
  • Did you know Esplanade’s Concert Hall probably is one of the top 5 acoustic hall in the world?
  • Did you know the world’s second BIGGEST organ is in the Esplanade Concert Hall?
  • Did you know that the Esplanade Concert Hall is a ‘floating’ bubble resting on rubber pads with the exterior durian shell?
  • Did you know that you can see the F1 Race from the Esplanade Foyers? And lastly, i just cannot resist:
  • Did you know that the Esplanade has lots and lots of staircases even though it really doesn’t look that big from the outside?! (I believe we haven’t even walked half of the stairways!)

Right, so that was all fun and great awesome learning. Now i’m looking forward to sharing what i learnt (hopefully) with all the guys in office! I hope i don’t bore all of them to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

To Jakarta & Back!

Some parents might have been unable to reach me the last few days – not because i did a magic trick and went missing, but because i flew off to Jakarta for work purposes! After hosting Kar Yi’s birthday party at Dahlia Park, Kinetic Gal morphed into Ade the show crew/ show manager and did a crazy mad rush down to the airport because the team was going to fly to Indonesia Jakarta for a show.

The trip to Jakarta was a great experience; very different from Oman, and another eye-opener. Oman’s show was a big scale live event show, while this, was a live-TV show. The show name was Duel Mahakarya Magician. Translated loosely, it means Duel of the Master Magicians (i apologize in advance for anything lost in translation – i do not speak Bahasa!). The scale of the show was BIG – even though i have been involved in crewing etc for several various TV shoots that J C and Ning had done, this was the first live show.

Personally, i’m very lucky that besides being a performer, I’m also a crew (backstage/ AVL) for J C and Ning. This gives me chances andΒ  opportunities to see and learn many things, making me much more an all-rounder than the usual. While being on-job, i’m watching, observing, learning and absorbing as much as i possibly could.

The show was a great success, and the Indonesians were really very warm and friendly! Unfortunately the food there didn’t agree with me though so i ended the trip being down with traveller’s diarrhea. 😦 Oh well – i’m recovering now and all set for the shows this wkend! πŸ™‚

Next week, i’m kicking off the week with my course in theatre AVL – it is going to be tiring, but i’m looking forward to it!

Behind the scenes of interview with OMY!

Kinetic Gal was interviewed by OMY just yesterday. The interview was done in our studio (early in the early early morning..) and it was great fun talking to the OMY reporter. They shot a little clip of me performing as well as some teaching of little magic tricks. πŸ™‚

Here, let the picture do the talking instead!

Check this out!

Animated interview πŸ˜›

If you realise, i don’t seem to be wearing my costume… but i am, actually! *grin* This is an all new costume, hip-hop inspired… And after the interview, since i was all dressed up, i decided to do some fun random shoots of me in my new costume. Some did turn out not bad!

I had to show off my custom cap!

Yoyoyo! πŸ˜€

Contemplation… my favourite photo! πŸ˜›