Little Tidbits about Chennai!

Since i’m heading to Chennai, i decided to find out more about the city! 🙂

Did you know that Chennai used to be called Madras or Madarasapatinam (whew! that’s a tongue twister!)? Chennai is the number 6 city in India with the most number of people! The number of people in the city as of 2011 is 4.68million! That’s almost the same as Singapore already! Singapore (as of 2011) has about 5million people. That’s why India is one the countries with the highest population – Chennai only ranks 6th and it’s only one of its many cities!

Chennai is the third most visited city in India after Delhi and Mumbai. I’ve actually stepped foot in Mumbai before – albeit only at the airport for a stopover! Some of my friends have told me that part of Chennai is along the beach and they have BEAUTIFUL beaches there!

Did you know too that Chennai has a snakepark within their National Park and it’s one of the major source of antivenom serum? Although i’m not too iffy about snakes, i’d prefer to visit a zoo (which they have too!) then a snakepark… :p

Can’t wait to be in Chennai! (Flying off tmr, at 920am!! Wheeeeee~)


PS. Chennai is two hours behind SG time, so i’m going to reach there at 11am in the morning although the flight time is almost 6 hours! How cool is that!


Kinetic Gal Heading to India for Library Launch!

Kinetic Gal has been booked to perform for a library launch… And it is in India! That’s right! I will be heading to India really soon (ie. coming Saturday!) for the launch of a library! 🙂

The library that will be launched is a model children’s libraryin the city of Chennai, India. The library is an initiative of Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre and Max Mueller Bhavan as an open and safe public space for children and youth for learning, and communicating, while focusing on the informational, educational and recreational needs of younger generations.

The launch for the library is on the eve of children’s day – 13th November 2011, so there are going to be activities for the children and Kinetic Gal’s magic show is one of them! 🙂

Chennai is well connected and wifi is widespread so i’m sure i’ll be updating from there soon!

M for Magic ‘Vote for Your Favourite Magician’ Contest

If you’ve watched the M for Magic Series and liked my episode, here’s a quick contest that you can join. Simply click on the picture, like the picture on the facebook to vote for me for the favourite magician. 🙂

Voters stand to win great prizes!

Please support me! 😀 Thank you…

M for Magic FINALE Episode by J C & Ning

Well, remember the street magic online series which i was featured in? The series has come to a conclusion with the episode by J C & Ning. This is the most mind-blowing episode! This episode also features Irene Ang and other FLY Artistes like Bobby Tonelli. 🙂

Let’s save the talking and just watch! (Kids, do not try this at home!)

Free to click on the youtube link here to like and comment on the video!

I’ll be posting a review on Kungfu Panda 2 real soon! Stay tuned. 🙂

Media media for Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal!

It’s been great fun the last two weeks. Besides being real busy for the M for Magic show as well as birthday parties AND close-up AND show, i’ve also had some exposure in the media. I was on YES 933FM, The New Paper, SAFRA newsportal, Rediffusion and was interviewed by too! interview!

The New Paper article!

I’ve been listening to YES933FM for a loooooooong time, so i was really excited to be interviewed on YES933FM!

With DJ Kunhua in studio! (L-R: Kunhua, Samuel, Godwin, Alexander, MESELF!)

We had great fun at the interview!

Alex kept getting picked by Kunhua as the oldest guy!!! :p

Us goofing around before interview...

Thanks to Yunying for taking the photos for us!

YES933FM interview pictures from Samuel and Alexander. 🙂 Part of why i really enjoyed myself with the M for Magic project is actually getting to know these guys! I had an awesome time just talking magic with them .

I hope you’ve watched our episodes on M for Magic! Will be shortly posting up all the links to all the videos!

M for Magic LIVE! is coming up on this Friday & Saturday!

Have you bought your tickets yet? M for Magic: LIVE! is on this Friday & Saturday so don’t miss out!

Tickets start from only S$10, very very affordable for a magic show! The venue is at Sinema Old School so it’s really cosy and comfy so do come and catch the show especially if you like close-up or street magic. 😀

Check out the FB Event page here for more details:

Tix are on sale at

You can also purchase the tickets at the door but limited to availability! So don’t take the chance, buy your tickets NOW! 😀

Support local talents!

PS. If you wanna catch ME in action, come by for the Friday show…  😉

Adeline is on The New Paper today! :)

Do you read The New Paper? I was featured alongside with Matthew and J C today in The New Paper. 😀

It's a kind of MAGIC!

At 10pm tonight, I will be on-air on YES933FM together with a few of the other magicians, Alexander, Samuel and Godwin for interview for the upcoming M for Magic LIVE! show. 🙂 Tickets start from S$10 and we will be giving out tickets during then, so do tune in!