M for Magic Season 2 Episode 3 – Featuring Adeline Ng!

Tadah! My episode is out! And i apologize for posting so late!

I’m very wow-ed and humbled by the many comments and views for this video. Thank you thank you and thank you!!! 🙂

The routines that you see in here are some things that i do in the bar where i perform, usually every week on Fridays and Saturdays. Nowadays though, i head to the bar whenever i’m free to perform too, so swing by if you like!

By the way, it was a wonderful experience working with Alaric and the team! Awesome 🙂

Thanks for your wondrous support!


M for Magic Singapore S02E03: Teaser- Magic or Fortune Telling?

Adeline Ng is on Season 2, Episode 3 of M for Magic Out of the Ordinary! The episode will be released tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

M for Magic ‘Vote for Your Favourite Magician’ Contest

If you’ve watched the M for Magic Series and liked my episode, here’s a quick contest that you can join. Simply click on the picture, like the picture on the facebook to vote for me for the favourite magician. 🙂

Voters stand to win great prizes!

Please support me! 😀 Thank you…

Adeline is on The New Paper today! :)

Do you read The New Paper? I was featured alongside with Matthew and J C today in The New Paper. 😀

It's a kind of MAGIC!

At 10pm tonight, I will be on-air on YES933FM together with a few of the other magicians, Alexander, Samuel and Godwin for interview for the upcoming M for Magic LIVE! show. 🙂 Tickets start from S$10 and we will be giving out tickets during then, so do tune in!

3D TV Filming Crew Experience

I’ve probably been very slow in replying emails and such – i apologize… but i’ve been so tied up with crewing for 3D TV program which starts sometimes at 7am and ends late night! =.= It’s been really tiring but also an awesome awesome experience. From young, my parents especially my mum, has always instilled in me that one should always learn from any experience and make the most of everything. For me, hence, every single thing, every single experience is a learning experience.

From crewing for 3D TV Program, i’ve learnt a lot about the behind the scenes of tv production. While we’ve been involved in tv programs before, it is the first time we are so fully involved since J C and Ning are the hosts for the hour long episode.As with any productions, after realizing and learning about the crazy things going on behind scenes, i’ve now a much much greater appreciation of tv productions – good tv productions to be exact. 🙂

Besides the huge learning experience, i’ve also made new friends! 🙂 I guess the thing with productions – because we all go through so many things together in a relatively short space of time, friendship is much easily build up. Afterall, we’ve all braved the crazy sun, insane rain and etc etc together!

Lawrence and me going mad with the beautiful MBS background!
Some of the production crew ‘clowning’ (??!!) around during a shoot 😛
Wendy and me! We’re schoolmates from NJC! I’ve known Wendy since then but only really got to know each other during this shoot. 🙂 It’s cool how life’s paths intersect! Wendy is also extremely passionate about what she does so we’re similar in that sense! Passionate about our work! 😀
J C & Ning with part of the production team. The other parts are either missing (not at this shoot/ packing) or taking photos (me and Mike!)

Now, just for the heck of it, some of my favourite photos that were taken during the shoot. There are more actually, but some ‘disappeared’ from my camera. =_=

In any case, here we go (in no particular order):

I laugh every single time i see this J C Sum expression!

“I keel you!” (in an “Achmed voice” :p)

And of course, to wrap it up, my absolute favourite photo with my two favourite people in the whole wide world (excluding my parents)!

Ning, J C and Me! 🙂

How could i not love what i’m doing????

Loud proclamation from Kinetic Gal/ Adeline Ng:

“I LURVVVEE MY JOBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

PS. Yes the proper spelling should be: I Love my Job, but it doesn’t seem to express what i’m feeling enough so…




Filming for 3D TV…

Yes yes it seems to be loads and loads of filming for the last few weeks.

For this particular program, i make a special cameo appearance in one of the little segments where the host (ie. J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning) come across a bunch people busking in Orchard… including myself, doing a spot of juggling!

Heading to shoot location just outside of ION Orchard.

Prepping for shoot. Later on after a few days, i complained to J C and Ning that i have no photo of us three together only (just for the cam, not in the action)…

Bet you did not know J C Sum could juggle! (look at Ning’s face looking on at the two of us! :p)

Prepping for another take

Fooling around while waiting… Pose looks familiar? 😛 (reminiscent of Kinetic Gal 2009!)

I was supposed to make another spot for cameo appearance for a grunge MV style shoot, but due to various reason, did not manage to be in there. I did have some fun playing around with the light staff i was supposed to do the shoot with. 😀 I loved martial arts since young, and have a little background in that, hence my staff spinning is really more martial artsy style. *grin*

Anyway, this program is shot very differently from the usual as it is a 3D TV program. (So yes, you have to have a 3D TV to watch it and appreciate in full) It is actually a 3D Show program featuring hosts J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. There are quite some magic in it, besides all the other cool stuff so i think the final product is really going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it! BUT!

Who wants to sponsor me a 3D TV??? Anyone, pretty please? 🙂

More Pictures from M for Magic!

Here are just some more photos from filming for “M for Magic”!

If you attended the Urban Circus last year, you might have caught my illusion ‘Strawberry Shortcube” (muahaha, that’s a working illusion title, not the actual act name!), where i did an illusion with a giant rubik cube. 😀 This is actually part of my lead-up where i solve the Rubiks Cube instantly by magic. 🙂

Flashback: Urban Circus 2010! (Photo Credit: Daryl Seah)

The next photo is me doing a new routine that i now do for my close-up routine. It’s pretty cool and you can tell, it really does hits the crowd! 😀

Me: "Check this out!"

The next bunch of photos are of me with Bobby Tonelli 🙂

Quick discussion on female magicians in Singapore!

Me prepping to show off some fanciful dice stacking! I love dice stacking and picked it up as a hobby for fun, never knowing it’d one day be useful! 😀

Now time for some magic from my wallet….

The last time i complained that i forgot to take a photo with Bobby so i made it up when i saw him again when J C & Ning were filming the finale for M for Magic.

WOOHOO! :p I look like i took a picture with Superman didn’t i? 😀