M for Magic Singapore S02E03: Teaser- Magic or Fortune Telling?

Adeline Ng is on Season 2, Episode 3 of M for Magic Out of the Ordinary! The episode will be released tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


M for Magic FINALE Episode by J C & Ning

Well, remember the street magic online series which i was featured in? The series has come to a conclusion with the episode by J C & Ning. This is the most mind-blowing episode! This episode also features Irene Ang and other FLY Artistes like Bobby Tonelli. 🙂

Let’s save the talking and just watch! (Kids, do not try this at home!)

Free to click on the youtube link here to like and comment on the video!


I’ll be posting a review on Kungfu Panda 2 real soon! Stay tuned. 🙂

Kinetic Gal does Street Magic!

Like all magicians, I love messing around with stuff and seeing what kind of ‘weird things’ we could do from normal objects and this is one of it!

I was doing my usual work in the office, and after playing around with some balloons (which i usually do because i like to practise), i came out with this impromptu battery into balloon effect. Just for the magic enthusiasts to know, I’d credit my inspiration to J C Sum from one of the effects he shared with me about two years ago.

Check out the battery into balloon that i did over here!