Events for the March Holidays

Looking for events to head to for the March Holidays?


15-16 Mar: Thurs & Fri – 12pm, 3.30pm & 7pm
17-18 Mar: Sat & Sun – 10am, 2pm & 6pm

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Even though Mickey and friends are Ooooooooooooooooooold-timers, the kids still love them! In fact, my new jacket is also full of Mickey Mouse logo! I still remember vividly my mum teaching the little chant ‘M-I-C..K-E-Y… M-O-U-S-E… Mickey Mouse!”

Fond memories!

Buy tickets from!


M for Magic LIVE! is coming up on this Friday & Saturday!

Have you bought your tickets yet? M for Magic: LIVE! is on this Friday & Saturday so don’t miss out!

Tickets start from only S$10, very very affordable for a magic show! The venue is at Sinema Old School so it’s really cosy and comfy so do come and catch the show especially if you like close-up or street magic. 😀

Check out the FB Event page here for more details:

Tix are on sale at

You can also purchase the tickets at the door but limited to availability! So don’t take the chance, buy your tickets NOW! 😀

Support local talents!

PS. If you wanna catch ME in action, come by for the Friday show…  😉

Kinetic Gal Performs Magic and Juggling at Woodlands Polyclinic

Kinetic Gal performed at the woodlands polyclinic’s carnival today and had great fun. Even though there was some initial problem with the sound system, we managed to get the mic going at last so it was still okay!

There’s a huge difference in performing for birthday parties and for events like these.. For example, the sound system! I have my very own sound system, so it ensures that I have the good music and sound level that a party would need! However, during event shows, the sound systems are mostly provided by the events side and I would run a show off the sound system provided. As you can see, I am versatile enough to work off any environment! 😉

Carnival stalls at the place where i was going to perform!

Kids getting ready to watch the show!

There are no pictures of the performance (no photographer!!) but it was a pretty good show overall. Parents and kids love the juggling segments and Mr Magic Rabbit never fail to amaze even though he is not a real rabbit!

Despite knowing loads of magic, there’s still one thing I couldn’t escape from – the Singapore’s weather! I was sweating BUCKETS after the show, but I’m so glad the kids enjoyed themselves, cos I had great fun performing too!