Back from Kuwait… Off to KL.. And a whole bunch of Parties after!

Yes that’s right, as the title says it all… just back, prepping to fly again and then a whole bunch of parties lining up for me!

For some reason, i’m doing a whole lot of 7YO parties in Feb this time. Everyone’s turning 7!

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update here! M for Magic Season 2 is coming out… and i’m featured in one of the episodes! (i can’t rmbr which one!) Stay tuned and i’ll be posting that as soon as it is released! In the meantime, here’s a trailer!

Have a good Valentines! 😉


Filming for 3D TV…

Yes yes it seems to be loads and loads of filming for the last few weeks.

For this particular program, i make a special cameo appearance in one of the little segments where the host (ie. J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning) come across a bunch people busking in Orchard… including myself, doing a spot of juggling!

Heading to shoot location just outside of ION Orchard.

Prepping for shoot. Later on after a few days, i complained to J C and Ning that i have no photo of us three together only (just for the cam, not in the action)…

Bet you did not know J C Sum could juggle! (look at Ning’s face looking on at the two of us! :p)

Prepping for another take

Fooling around while waiting… Pose looks familiar? 😛 (reminiscent of Kinetic Gal 2009!)

I was supposed to make another spot for cameo appearance for a grunge MV style shoot, but due to various reason, did not manage to be in there. I did have some fun playing around with the light staff i was supposed to do the shoot with. 😀 I loved martial arts since young, and have a little background in that, hence my staff spinning is really more martial artsy style. *grin*

Anyway, this program is shot very differently from the usual as it is a 3D TV program. (So yes, you have to have a 3D TV to watch it and appreciate in full) It is actually a 3D Show program featuring hosts J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. There are quite some magic in it, besides all the other cool stuff so i think the final product is really going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it! BUT!

Who wants to sponsor me a 3D TV??? Anyone, pretty please? 🙂

So… It’s been a while!!!

Yep, it’s been a while some quick updates and why i’ve seemed to disappear from sight! =p

April 19 – 22

In Oman for show crew work for J C and Ning’s illusion show for Toyota and Oman Royalty! It was a great experience working with the professionals all over the world, and a great learning experience. I got to play in the sun for quite a bit (and turned two skin tones darker) even with work and studies. 🙂

Me with Ning and Joys at the Oman Hotel!

The show went very well and it was really a great learning experience!

April 23

Exams in school as well as submission of my final year project! Yes yes, I’m still an undergraduate (graduating this year, in the upcoming two months or so!) and so i have my projects to take care of! At the same time got a bad bad bad stomach flu, which confined me to my bed for almost all of the wkend and more..

April 24-28

Did shows for a MayBank roadshow, hosted birthday parties and tried to keep my body from crashing…

May 1 & 2

Hosted birthday parties and did some filming stuff for a program for OKTO. 🙂 If you remember, I’ve been on OKTO live before (Season 2!) and i might soon be appearing in something else too!


The past few days were crazy rehearsals and preparation for something upcoming on May 30. Something is coming up… so stay tuned for just more info in a bit!

A little edited picture to keep you in suspense! 😛

Kinetic Gal on Okto-Live 2009!

Between waiting for the DVD version of the Okto-Live Episode to arrive and the rushing of many many other projects, this got a little delayed! Here’s the youtube clip of yours truly on Okto-Live, Dec 09.

It was really fun working with the Okto people. The hosts were really fun too. I had a swell time at the studio!

Besides all of that, i also did a show for Bank of Tokyo, Mitusbishi for their New Year Party Lunch. I think it is exceptional how polite and courteous the Japanese are! 🙂 It was really fun doing it for them because everyone stops eating to watch your show and there’s no clanging of chopsticks, plates, etc while the show is going on. Of course, the kids were really fun to perform to. The little boy i had for a volunteer was really cute, he kept dancing on the dancefloor… So i joined in! =p

Anyway, i have a couple more of parties coming up. I’ve been taking it slightly easier for myself because of a lot of other responsibilities, but rest assured, more is coming up!

In fact, keep a look out for May 2010……. something exciting is coming up! *grin*

Birthday Parties over the weekend for Julian and Tricia!

Kinetic Gal hosted some parties this weekend with one for a one-year old boy turning two years old and another for a little girl turning four! The little boy, Julian was really REALLY cute! (and shy!) His parents had seen me performing before and got me for his two years old party! The family look really really sweet together, and even though I had no camera man for the party, i managed to snap a shot of the family taking photo.

Aww.. Sweet moment!

All together now: Aww.. Sweet moment!

Julian had a really cute hairstyle for the day too, with his little cockeroo-like standing hair! In fact, the hairstyle reminded me of J C! =p

The function room was very tastefully decorated, even though it wasn’t too elaborate…

Simple decorations for Cake Cutting backdrop.

Simple decorations for Cake Cutting backdrop.

Balloon tower!

Balloon tower!

It really made my day when one of the ladies attending the party thanked me and said that the show was very entertaining. Woohoo! 😀

Tricia’s mum, Rose got yours truly to host her little girl’s birthday party as well just a few hours ago! 😉 She was just telling me that she was extremely surprised to find a GIRL performing and hosting parties. Indeed, Kinetic Gal is Singapore’s only Magic Juggler! We had a little conversation before the party started and she was just telling me that she was really happy to find me for her little girl’s party because she just found it apt that a girl should be hosting the party for her little girl’s birthday! 🙂 I hosted a BIGGER package party for Tricia which included a games segment as well and was really glad everyone enjoyed themselves! *GRIN*

Just before ending the day, I went to the shops to grab a little something for my juggling rings. Instead of the plain old rings, now this is the ‘new’ rings that the children are going to see!

'New' Rings!

'New' Rings!

Yup, I’m always on the lookout for new things and improvements to be made to my show! Previously, I had always found the rings a little plain – and it just isn’t apparent when the rings are spinning! Now with this little addition, i think the rings look a lot ‘cool-er’ and have just that bit more of character! What do you think? 😉

In fact, Kinetic Gal’s going to have a new set of clubs in a few days! And i’m dying to play with the new clubs too!

Till then!

Magic Circus Party Website – Newly Revamped!

Woohoo! 2009 is here and with new year comes new stuff! As 2009 rolls in, we have a newly revamped website for Magic Circus Party! Check it out!

Featuring Birthday Party packages from yours truly, Kinetic Gal - Singapore's Only Female Magic Juggler

Featuring Birthday Party packages from yours truly, Kinetic Gal - Singapore's Only Female Magic Juggler

Not only that, I’m also offering new party packages for 2009! In view of the recent economic downturn for 2009, Kinetic Gal will be offering budget packages that are good value for money! Afterall, while it seems like it is going to be a difficult economic year, birthdays are still only once a year and once a lifetime for a particular age. With the party packages offered, you can afford to have a great quality party entertainment without having to splurge exceptionally! Indeed, the new pacakges are focused on quality entertainment for a budget.

Kinetic Gal now offers a ‘BIG party’ package and a ‘BIGGER party’ package to cater to parents who are planning the party with or without games and prize treats! Check out the party packages page to see what exactly are the different packages I have for you!

Besides the very special unique one of a kind balloon pinata that I have, one of the other unique thing i do for the party is hosting the magical cake cutting ceremony for our birthday boys and girls! Just what do i mean? Well, i infuse a little magic into the cake cutting ceremony, and if you’re curious, just stay tuned to find out about it! 😉

Kinetic Gal Hosts a Tiny Little Adventure at Siew Mei Green!

Today, Kinetic Gal hosted a tiny little adventure at Yew Mei Green for one year old Seow Teng. 🙂 She’a a really cute little girl and even though she was only one years old, she sat through some parts of the show and seemed to like it too! Unfortunately, I did not manage to have any photos taken as i was pretty pressed for time!

Its been quite a bit since i’ve performed, especially since i have been overseas for a while. So i really close the year with this party at Yew Mei Green, and i was very glad that everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot, adults and children alike! Bernice, Seow Teng’s older sister, helped out with a piece of magic and was very much tickled by my magic wands! Her friends seemed to like me a lot too, pestering me for more magic after the show! *grin*

The kids had great fun during the show and i had great fun performing too! As a little extra, I hosted their pinata game for them, and even though the kids had great fun whacking the lion (or some of them tickling the lion =p ), i had to help with the finale of tearing the lion apart (oops, violence!) and pouring out the goodies for the kids!

It was a great finale to the year of performing for 2008! It’s been great and I hope to see more of you in 2009! 😀