Birthday Cakes in Singapore 2012 – updated

Some time ago, i wrote an article on birthday cakes… The different types of cakes there were then, and what was ‘in-fashion’. I thought it was time to update the article and also give a few referrals!

For ANY birthday party, the birthday cake is always one of the focus (besides the kid himself, of course!). Depending on how you want the party to be remembered, there are always various different cakes for the occasion! Having been to so many different birthday parties, let me just share a few interesting ones that i remember with you… and where you can find them!

1. The photograph-printed birthday cake

The cakes are in this case, custom ordered as the parents had sent in the birthday kid’s photographs to the cake shop. Several shops in SG do offer this, but it is pretty expensive!

I believe Bengawan Solo offered this service for a while, but do not know if they still do!

2. The Cartoon themed cakes

These are the normal cakes that you see with cartoon prints and so on. Kids love these but they sometimes fight over the cartoon figurines on the cakes, so be forewarned!

You can get this at most cake shops in Singapore. Some are printed cakes, some have figurines on them, but these are generally not the 3D ones.

Prima Deli:

3. The 3D Figurine Cake

These cakes never fail to WOW people when they are taken out. Some are in the form of the barbie doll 3D (yes, i have seen one like that before!) while some are in the forms of cars, trains etc. The only thing to note is that these kind of cakes do pose a challenge to however is cutting the cake as they tend to have odder shapes (eg, i have had once when the parent was having a headache trying to divide the cake, because the cake was triangular in shape)

Fantastic and one of the most recommended for 3D Cakes (E-creatives):

Also very established and known (Smiling Orchid) :

4. Ice Cream Cake

One of the hot favorites of the ice-cream lovers. Perpetually all kids LOVE ice-cream, so they are guaranteed to come back for a second serving. Take note however that young kids are advised not to take too much ice cream cake, and ice cream cakes have to be kept in the freezer up to the point when it has to be cut. Sometimes it takes a fine balance indeed for I have seen parents struggling to cut the ice cream cake as it was frozen too hard too.


Haagen Dazs:

5. Cup cakes

These used to be less commonly seen, but have gained popularity in recent years. Most of the time, parents prepare a slightly bigger cake for cutting, but give out the cup cakes instead. It used to be that the cup cakes are mostly decorated nicely with smiley face and creative decorations. However, nowadays, most can be customized so it looks really awesome!

It is a good idea to have these if they are a lot of kids since it will be much easier to give out the cake and save the hassle of cutting and dividing the big birthday cake! (Save the birthday cake for family members!)

7. Custom Figure/ Novelty Cakes

These cakes are now the ‘in-fashion’ cakes. For these cakes, customers can request ANYTHING that they like. Send in photos etc, and they will be able to create the cake with custom figures on it! I’ve tried this for my friends birthday myself and got a cake that is in the form of a magicians’ top hat, and all four figurines that look like all of us on the cake!

You have to make the effort to bring photographs and go down to meet the cake chefs personally though, if your cake is super custom!

Bear in mind too, these cakes are usually couture cakes – not so good if you’re looking at not too sweet cakes!

My pick (Metrocakes) :

8. Traditional Classic Cakes

Usually not the choice for kids! However, classic cakes can be extremely lovely. Some older kids also prefer this if they feel they are ‘adults’ and no longer want kiddy cakes. Can be more atas and very classy. Up-side is that there are a lot of medium priced cakes that are fairly good. Unlike custom cakes, which are generally on the expensive side.

Classic and known place to get the cakes: Bengawan Solo

9. Durian Cakes

Durian, for the uninitiated, is the local king of fruits. I personally LOVE durian so i wouldn’t mind having it for my birthday! This is very seldom seen though because i host many parties where the friends and families may not be local. Durian can smell pungent to non-locals who are not familiar with it! But if everyone loves durian, why not go ahead with this!

Emicakes specializes in Durian Cakes:

& Others:

10. Halal Cakes

There aren’t many cake shops certified Halal, although cakes are generally Halal.

Certified Halal – Eatzi Gourmet:

The list i’ve given is of course, not the full list! There are many many many cake shops in Singapore. And most shops nowadays have expanded to include the many specialty cakes i’ve listed above. My personal favourite cake shops are:

The Patissier:


Well, that’s about it that I can recall from the parties that I have been hosting. Occasionally too, there are some two tiered birthday cakes, but those are rare, only if there are a lot of kids around! Sometimes, it is good to ask your kid for his/her preference for the cake, since it is afterall his/her birthday!

Sometimes it is also good to weigh your options based on budget. While a super customized cake is really nice, if you want to allocate budget for entertainment and food, perhaps a 3D cake or a cartoon character will do? Discuss with your child about it… and it could even be a little financial planning lesson on budgeting!

As long as everyone ends up happy and had fun, all’s good! :D


M for Magic Season 2 Episode 3 – Featuring Adeline Ng!

Tadah! My episode is out! And i apologize for posting so late!

I’m very wow-ed and humbled by the many comments and views for this video. Thank you thank you and thank you!!! 🙂

The routines that you see in here are some things that i do in the bar where i perform, usually every week on Fridays and Saturdays. Nowadays though, i head to the bar whenever i’m free to perform too, so swing by if you like!

By the way, it was a wonderful experience working with Alaric and the team! Awesome 🙂

Thanks for your wondrous support!

Back from Kuwait… Off to KL.. And a whole bunch of Parties after!

Yes that’s right, as the title says it all… just back, prepping to fly again and then a whole bunch of parties lining up for me!

For some reason, i’m doing a whole lot of 7YO parties in Feb this time. Everyone’s turning 7!

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update here! M for Magic Season 2 is coming out… and i’m featured in one of the episodes! (i can’t rmbr which one!) Stay tuned and i’ll be posting that as soon as it is released! In the meantime, here’s a trailer!

Have a good Valentines! 😉

Kinetic Gal Heading to India for Library Launch!

Kinetic Gal has been booked to perform for a library launch… And it is in India! That’s right! I will be heading to India really soon (ie. coming Saturday!) for the launch of a library! 🙂

The library that will be launched is a model children’s libraryin the city of Chennai, India. The library is an initiative of Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre and Max Mueller Bhavan as an open and safe public space for children and youth for learning, and communicating, while focusing on the informational, educational and recreational needs of younger generations.

The launch for the library is on the eve of children’s day – 13th November 2011, so there are going to be activities for the children and Kinetic Gal’s magic show is one of them! 🙂

Chennai is well connected and wifi is widespread so i’m sure i’ll be updating from there soon!

So… It’s been a while!!!

Yep, it’s been a while some quick updates and why i’ve seemed to disappear from sight! =p

April 19 – 22

In Oman for show crew work for J C and Ning’s illusion show for Toyota and Oman Royalty! It was a great experience working with the professionals all over the world, and a great learning experience. I got to play in the sun for quite a bit (and turned two skin tones darker) even with work and studies. 🙂

Me with Ning and Joys at the Oman Hotel!

The show went very well and it was really a great learning experience!

April 23

Exams in school as well as submission of my final year project! Yes yes, I’m still an undergraduate (graduating this year, in the upcoming two months or so!) and so i have my projects to take care of! At the same time got a bad bad bad stomach flu, which confined me to my bed for almost all of the wkend and more..

April 24-28

Did shows for a MayBank roadshow, hosted birthday parties and tried to keep my body from crashing…

May 1 & 2

Hosted birthday parties and did some filming stuff for a program for OKTO. 🙂 If you remember, I’ve been on OKTO live before (Season 2!) and i might soon be appearing in something else too!


The past few days were crazy rehearsals and preparation for something upcoming on May 30. Something is coming up… so stay tuned for just more info in a bit!

A little edited picture to keep you in suspense! 😛

Kinetic Gal on Okto-Live 2009!

Between waiting for the DVD version of the Okto-Live Episode to arrive and the rushing of many many other projects, this got a little delayed! Here’s the youtube clip of yours truly on Okto-Live, Dec 09.

It was really fun working with the Okto people. The hosts were really fun too. I had a swell time at the studio!

Besides all of that, i also did a show for Bank of Tokyo, Mitusbishi for their New Year Party Lunch. I think it is exceptional how polite and courteous the Japanese are! 🙂 It was really fun doing it for them because everyone stops eating to watch your show and there’s no clanging of chopsticks, plates, etc while the show is going on. Of course, the kids were really fun to perform to. The little boy i had for a volunteer was really cute, he kept dancing on the dancefloor… So i joined in! =p

Anyway, i have a couple more of parties coming up. I’ve been taking it slightly easier for myself because of a lot of other responsibilities, but rest assured, more is coming up!

In fact, keep a look out for May 2010……. something exciting is coming up! *grin*

Kinetic Gal Can’t Wait for Hannah Montana The Movie to be OUT!

Hannah Montana The Movie is going to open in the cinemas on the 18th of June! The hit series from Walt Disney Channel gets into a feature movie! I myself can’t wait to catch the movie in the theatres when it opens. Due to the popularity of Walt Disney Channel series like High School Musical, to Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls, many kids, girls especially, just LOVE it when their birthday parties have themes from these series.

Knowing how much kids just love these series, I have, since the start of this year really started incorporating the feel of many of such series in the party – from party songs to games! And, possibly, just because of that, I have had increase of request from parents for parties! In all my parties, I have a very much Hanna Montana kind of feel for my on-stage persona. Girls really just love it and take to me easily – afterall, we can relate much better… It is exactly what the old credit card advertisement says – The men don’t get it! 😉

The games segment has really undergone a revolution in terms of music! Expect much more updated music from Walt Disney’s Playhouse Disney (think Tigger, Handy Manny etc) to Niklodeon (Spongebob Squarepants), to Disney Channel (High School Muscial), to Warner Bros (Teen Titans) and so many more!

Just last week too, i had an email from a parent delighted to find me online – because she was looking for a female magician for her daughter. That’s right, Kinetic Gal is Singapore’s ONLY female magic juggler, so you won’t be able to find anyone else. 😛

Just for fun, here’s my top 3 favourite songs from some of the TV series:

  • Who Said – Hannah Montana
  • Scream – High School Musical 3
  • We’re All in This Together – High School Musical 1

Even the kids are surprised when i sing along to the songs when I’m at the parties! Hahaha!