Tips to Becoming a Top Magician!

If you ever secretly harboured hopes to becoming a magician… Here are some  excellent tips from top illusionists J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on how to become a top magician!

Hahaha! 🙂 This was an interview thing done by RazorTV recently during J C & Ning’s 3 Sides of Magic lecture in Singapore. If you watch part two on RazorTV, i’m actually interviewed in there too!

Anyway, i apologise for the lack of updates. We’ve been crazy busy and had days stretching to end at only 4am for almost a week in a row. I’ve yet to recover! Also… I’ll be in Italy from nxt week all the way up to mid-May! See you guys back then!


M for Magic Singapore S02E03: Teaser- Magic or Fortune Telling?

Adeline Ng is on Season 2, Episode 3 of M for Magic Out of the Ordinary! The episode will be released tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

Kinetic Gal Heading to India for Library Launch!

Kinetic Gal has been booked to perform for a library launch… And it is in India! That’s right! I will be heading to India really soon (ie. coming Saturday!) for the launch of a library! 🙂

The library that will be launched is a model children’s libraryin the city of Chennai, India. The library is an initiative of Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre and Max Mueller Bhavan as an open and safe public space for children and youth for learning, and communicating, while focusing on the informational, educational and recreational needs of younger generations.

The launch for the library is on the eve of children’s day – 13th November 2011, so there are going to be activities for the children and Kinetic Gal’s magic show is one of them! 🙂

Chennai is well connected and wifi is widespread so i’m sure i’ll be updating from there soon!

M for Magic LIVE! is coming up on this Friday & Saturday!

Have you bought your tickets yet? M for Magic: LIVE! is on this Friday & Saturday so don’t miss out!

Tickets start from only S$10, very very affordable for a magic show! The venue is at Sinema Old School so it’s really cosy and comfy so do come and catch the show especially if you like close-up or street magic. 😀

Check out the FB Event page here for more details:

Tix are on sale at

You can also purchase the tickets at the door but limited to availability! So don’t take the chance, buy your tickets NOW! 😀

Support local talents!

PS. If you wanna catch ME in action, come by for the Friday show…  😉

Adeline is on The New Paper today! :)

Do you read The New Paper? I was featured alongside with Matthew and J C today in The New Paper. 😀

It's a kind of MAGIC!

At 10pm tonight, I will be on-air on YES933FM together with a few of the other magicians, Alexander, Samuel and Godwin for interview for the upcoming M for Magic LIVE! show. 🙂 Tickets start from S$10 and we will be giving out tickets during then, so do tune in!

“M for Magic: The Street Apprentice” – Episode 1!

If you recall, i blogged just a while ago about the filming for the Internet TV show that features young magicians in Singapore. Well, the first episode is finally out, and i think it looks great! The show is targeted at the young teens and if you have young teens at home, do have check out the series. 🙂 I personally think it is cool that Singapore finally has a platform of Internet TV to showcase young magicians.

Enough of all the mumbo jumbo… Check out the video right here:

Do rate and comment!

Look out for the next episodes coming up… one of which i’ll be in! *grin*

To Jakarta & Back!

Some parents might have been unable to reach me the last few days – not because i did a magic trick and went missing, but because i flew off to Jakarta for work purposes! After hosting Kar Yi’s birthday party at Dahlia Park, Kinetic Gal morphed into Ade the show crew/ show manager and did a crazy mad rush down to the airport because the team was going to fly to Indonesia Jakarta for a show.

The trip to Jakarta was a great experience; very different from Oman, and another eye-opener. Oman’s show was a big scale live event show, while this, was a live-TV show. The show name was Duel Mahakarya Magician. Translated loosely, it means Duel of the Master Magicians (i apologize in advance for anything lost in translation – i do not speak Bahasa!). The scale of the show was BIG – even though i have been involved in crewing etc for several various TV shoots that J C and Ning had done, this was the first live show.

Personally, i’m very lucky that besides being a performer, I’m also a crew (backstage/ AVL) for J C and Ning. This gives me chances and  opportunities to see and learn many things, making me much more an all-rounder than the usual. While being on-job, i’m watching, observing, learning and absorbing as much as i possibly could.

The show was a great success, and the Indonesians were really very warm and friendly! Unfortunately the food there didn’t agree with me though so i ended the trip being down with traveller’s diarrhea. 😦 Oh well – i’m recovering now and all set for the shows this wkend! 🙂

Next week, i’m kicking off the week with my course in theatre AVL – it is going to be tiring, but i’m looking forward to it!