M for Magic Singapore S02E03: Teaser- Magic or Fortune Telling?

Adeline Ng is on Season 2, Episode 3 of M for Magic Out of the Ordinary! The episode will be released tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


Back from Kuwait… Off to KL.. And a whole bunch of Parties after!

Yes that’s right, as the title says it all… just back, prepping to fly again and then a whole bunch of parties lining up for me!

For some reason, i’m doing a whole lot of 7YO parties in Feb this time. Everyone’s turning 7!

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update here! M for Magic Season 2 is coming out… and i’m featured in one of the episodes! (i can’t rmbr which one!) Stay tuned and i’ll be posting that as soon as it is released! In the meantime, here’s a trailer!

Have a good Valentines! πŸ˜‰

Kinetic Gal’s New Video – Featuring ONE and ONLY Kids Illusion Show for Events!

I know this is kind of delayed, however, I’ve really been wayyyyyyyy rushed out and woombazzled (Kinetic Gal’s new vocabulary of being stretched crazy to max out) by parties! Kinetic Gal’s new video is out if you haven’t already seen it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DldyTA7AFH0

I really really love the new video, which as you can see, is drastically different from the old one… It’s like how J C puts it, a coming of age video. I’m happy that my hard work these few years can be seen with the growth of Kinetic Gal and can be seen in the new video. πŸ™‚

As in the video, my focus is now on kids illusion show which is something that has never been seen in Singapore. There are illusion shows, yes, but never for the kids. When my producer (J C) and i discussed about this, i fully agreed that there was a missing gap in terms of illusion shows for the kids and i took on the challenge of developing one under his production and direction. I’m glad i did, and so far it’s been working out. πŸ™‚

With my graduation, Kinetic Gal is now a full-time performer and with the launch of the illusion show for kids, it means that I’ve had to cut down on my party packages due to the busy performing schedule. Hence, if you’d like to book a party package, do check with me early! Details of the party package can be found here:


Oh, and just for fun, some photos of parties that i’ve done the past few weeks. I usually run parties alone, but due to the crazy schedule, i have on occasions had to get my trusty side-kick Ashraf the Magic Boy to act as crew… πŸ˜›

Newly Updated Mighty Magic Factory Website!

Yay!! Remember I’ve hinted since the last few weeks about a new change and update coming up? Well, it finally is up! The newly updated Mighty Magic Factory website has just went live!


Check out the funky colours, layout and the newly updated information on my new website. I absolutely love it! Thanks to our designer for the great job on my fabulously funky website. πŸ˜€

Even while the website has been revamped, there are new changes to be expected… What else is coming up?

A little hint:


And there are more… all to be revealed all at the right time!

As the Chinese saying goes: ε­¦δΉ ε¦‚ι€†ζ°΄θ‘ŒθˆŸοΌŒδΈθΏ›εˆ™ι€€γ€‚ That is applicable not just to studies or learning, but to things that we do as well. Rest assured we’ll continue updating and upgrading to serve YOU better. *grin*

Check out the newly revamped Mighty Magic Factory website right here: www.mightymagicfactory.com and lemme know what YOU think!


Kinetic Gal

Kinetic Gal’s Magic Wand Collection!!

For reasons unknown to Kinetic Gal myself, i have always had a huge penchant for magic wands. Perhaps it was the special significance of how magic is attached to wand. Perhaps it is just the fact the wands seem to be the magical stick that make things happen, and that it was the thing that one gets after being inducted into the magic community. Whatever it was, from the time i’ve started, i’ve collected a few wands along the way.

These are no collectable wands, but wands that i use in my everyday show (save for the last one) and they are all my precious! They take turns to be in my show and some of them have been retired in honour. =p Check out the collection of wands i use!

Wands Galore:


  • Topsy Popsy Wand – A favorite HIT with the children! Pop goes the wand! (not the weasel!) It’s BIG compared to the usual wands…
    • Breakaway Wand – Another staple that is in many entertainer’s show! It’s my first funny wand, and still remains one of the top choice for everyone!


    • Silly wands – The newer wands that i have. Kids absolutely love the wand as it extends from a puny wand to a long and wriggly one! Also forms funny shapes that kids find absolutely hilarious!
    • Flipper Tipple Wand – A relatively newer wand that few people use! It’s quite hilarious to see the kids trying to point out to me what’s happening to the wand!
    • Spring wand – My ABSOLUTE favourite (and the kids’ as well!)! The wand does not break apart but wobbles! πŸ˜‰

    Peppermint Nesting wands – One of the first few wands that i had in my show again, it used to be a staple in my silks routine but has retired in glory… πŸ˜›


      • Inflatable wands – Balloon wand that stays inflated for a long long time! It’s huge! And kids tend to ‘accidentally’ hit me with the wand!


      • A ‘normal’ magic wand that i got from IBM, Ring 115 (that’s International Brotherhood of Magicians for you) and it is something that you get only after you are conducted into the Ring. Hence quite a special one for me πŸ™‚

      That’s quite a number of wands, don’t you agree?



      Two Day Seminar/ Workshop with Fabrizio Bolzoni!!! (day 1)

      Happy with Balloons!

      Happy with Balloons!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you were not familiar with this name… Afterall, Fabrizio Bolzoni is based in France. He is a French award-winning balloon twister and a seasoned performer who does balloons, magic and more. Well known for his balloons, this guy has won lots of awards:

      • Top Twister 2007 Twist & Shout Nashville,Tenesse U.S.A
      • First Place Small Balloon sculpture Twist & Shout 2007
      • First Place Medium Balloon Sculpture Twist & Shout 2007
      • Second Place Balloon Entertainment Competition Twist & Shout 2007
      • Balloon Excellence 2003 Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A and more European’s Trophies

      Fabrizio's Creation! Marionettes are one thing he's well known for! (Photos from Balloon HQ)

      Kinetic Gal was really lucky to have gotten the chance to attend the 2 day workshop/seminar with Fabrizio!

      Farizio Bolzoni and Kinetic Gal (whos not in costume...)!

      Fabrizio Bolzoni and Kinetic Gal (who's not in costume...)!

      Well, if you didn’t know, Kinetic Gal really started off with ballooning before magic came in, and then juggling. πŸ™‚ So balloons is how it all started for me, so i’m really excited to attend this seminar by one of the best balloonist around! It was a great first day today and of course, the newly acquired ballooning skills will be used in the hosting of my parties.

      Learning with friends, new and old is fun! One should never stop learning!

      Learning with friends, new and old, is fun! One should never stop learning!

      As we all know, one must never stop learning! And Kinetic Gal’s always looking to improve! πŸ™‚ I’m so looking forward to tomorrow! More pictures then! WOOHOO!

      Magic Circus Party Website – Newly Revamped!

      Woohoo! 2009 is here and with new year comes new stuff! As 2009 rolls in, we have a newly revamped website for Magic Circus Party! Check it out!

      Featuring Birthday Party packages from yours truly, Kinetic Gal - Singapore's Only Female Magic Juggler

      Featuring Birthday Party packages from yours truly, Kinetic Gal - Singapore's Only Female Magic Juggler

      Not only that, I’m also offering new party packages for 2009! In view of the recent economic downturn for 2009, Kinetic Gal will be offering budget packages that are good value for money! Afterall, while it seems like it is going to be a difficult economic year, birthdays are still only once a year and once a lifetime for a particular age. With the party packages offered, you can afford to have a great quality party entertainment without having to splurge exceptionally! Indeed, the new pacakges are focused on quality entertainment for a budget.

      Kinetic Gal now offers a ‘BIG party’ package and a ‘BIGGER party’ package to cater to parents who are planning the party with or without games and prize treats! Check out the party packages page to see what exactly are the different packages I have for you!

      Besides the very special unique one of a kind balloon pinata that I have, one of the other unique thing i do for the party is hosting the magical cake cutting ceremony for our birthday boys and girls! Just what do i mean? Well, i infuse a little magic into the cake cutting ceremony, and if you’re curious, just stay tuned to find out about it! πŸ˜‰