M for Magic Season 2 Episode 6!

My dear friend, Matthew Lee’s episode on M for Magic is out! 🙂

Check it out for some cool magic of him linking Polo Mints together… and some surprises with a coin and can! It’s pretty cool… 🙂

I’ve known Matthew for a long time now, and he’s a dear friend! I like talking magic with him, although sometimes our ideas don’t always match. Hahaha. Proves that people with differences can be friends!


M for Magic Season 2 Episode 3 – Featuring Adeline Ng!

Tadah! My episode is out! And i apologize for posting so late!

I’m very wow-ed and humbled by the many comments and views for this video. Thank you thank you and thank you!!! 🙂

The routines that you see in here are some things that i do in the bar where i perform, usually every week on Fridays and Saturdays. Nowadays though, i head to the bar whenever i’m free to perform too, so swing by if you like!

By the way, it was a wonderful experience working with Alaric and the team! Awesome 🙂

Thanks for your wondrous support!

M for Magic FINALE Episode by J C & Ning

Well, remember the street magic online series which i was featured in? The series has come to a conclusion with the episode by J C & Ning. This is the most mind-blowing episode! This episode also features Irene Ang and other FLY Artistes like Bobby Tonelli. 🙂

Let’s save the talking and just watch! (Kids, do not try this at home!)

Free to click on the youtube link here to like and comment on the video!


I’ll be posting a review on Kungfu Panda 2 real soon! Stay tuned. 🙂

“M for Magic: The Street Apprentice” – Episode 1!

If you recall, i blogged just a while ago about the filming for the Internet TV show that features young magicians in Singapore. Well, the first episode is finally out, and i think it looks great! The show is targeted at the young teens and if you have young teens at home, do have check out the series. 🙂 I personally think it is cool that Singapore finally has a platform of Internet TV to showcase young magicians.

Enough of all the mumbo jumbo… Check out the video right here:

Do rate and comment!

Look out for the next episodes coming up… one of which i’ll be in! *grin*

“M for Magic” filming @ Orchard Road!

Okayyyy… So i kind of disappeared off the face of the blog for a while! Please forgive me, my dearest readers. It has been crazily busy! Before it goes EVEN more crazy (yes it is still possible), i thought i have to update everyone in here!

The last few days from Friday to Sunday have been extremely tiring with myself crewing for J C and Ning on a full day shoot on Friday, parties on Saturday, filming for myself on Sunday as well as crewing after! If you are a frequent reader, you’d already know that Kinetic Gal’s ‘civilian, non-superhero/ family entertainer’ identity is Adeline Ng, who also does close-up magic. So anyway, i spent the last weekend crewing and filming for an Internet TV Series called ‘M for Magic’.

The magic series “M for Magic” is designed by Sinema and hosted by J C & Ning, featuring 14 young Singapore magicians and 9 Fly Entertainment artistes. I was one of the 14 Singapore magicians and i filmed my episode on Sunday together with the Fly artiste… Bobby Tonelli! 🙂 He reminds me of Superman somewhat!

Bobby Tonelli!

I was of course VERY happy to have my episode with Bobby – he is such a cool and nice guy PLUS! I sometimes listen to Class 95 on my way home so i hear him on-air sometimes. (If you didn’t already know, Bobby is co-host with Jean Danker on-air on Class 95 every evening)

Anyway, in the episode, i showed off my dice stacking, juggling and some magic… Check out the photos here:

Phone Magic before dice stacking!

What's in your wallet? 😀

Pickup Shots of Magic Juggling!

Since this is street magic, of course i had to do some magic on the street for the crowd. They responded enthusiastically and it all went very well!

Street Magic Success!

My only ‘grouse’ is that i actually forgot to take a photo with Bobby! *pouts*

That aside, I’m very happy to be involved in this, particularly since i was the only female magician in the whole series! Girl power! :p But really, it has been a tremendous learning experience, both for the on-screen parts and the off-screen parts. I have been tagging along with J C & Ning for a long time for many different TV projects but usually as the crew. As a crew, there are many different things to take note and do, but as on-screen, it is a totally different set of things all together.

Magic for TV is not easy – you have to be so very conscious of the camera, while doing many other different things. Some things show up well on TV, some do not. Some translates well on TV but not for real-life and vice versa. We might have practiced a certain magic effect in a certain way (standing-up/ sitting down etc etc) but when you’re on-site, you might have to change… It could be environmental, it could be camera work, it could be so many different myriads of reason. One has to be adaptable and fluid. Thankfully, we have a magic director (J C Sum!) who directs the magic on-screen so all went pretty smoothly despite different ‘unexpected’ popping up.

I am really looking forward to seeing the final completed product of this magic series – i think it will be really cool. And you know what? The organizers are going to have people vote for their favourite magician from the episodes, so i’m gonna be shamelessly plugging about this once it comes out! Please support then!!!!!

Kinetic Gal does Street Magic!

Like all magicians, I love messing around with stuff and seeing what kind of ‘weird things’ we could do from normal objects and this is one of it!

I was doing my usual work in the office, and after playing around with some balloons (which i usually do because i like to practise), i came out with this impromptu battery into balloon effect. Just for the magic enthusiasts to know, I’d credit my inspiration to J C Sum from one of the effects he shared with me about two years ago.

Check out the battery into balloon that i did over here!